Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

The hubs and I drove down to his hometown, Raleigh, NC for a weekend of fun. Raleigh is where his parents, two brothers (and their family's!) and his sister lives. It was sweet Lily's baptism weekend and Lily's Mom's (Lisa) Birthday---so we had lots to celebrate. On Saturday the hubs and I went for a nice long walk, then I went to the pool with one of my good newly married friends who lives in Raleigh while the hubs went off to play some golf with friends. After that I went to dinner with another good friend and it was sooo wonderful catching up. She is moving from Raleigh to Greenvile, SC soon and oh how I am going to miss her not being in Raleigh! No fear....I will visit in SC. :)

Sunday was a glorious and perfect day. We were off to church in the morning for Lily's baptism. It was a very sweet time. The minister was great and Lily did wonderful as well. The gown that Lily wore was 93 years old and has been in the family forever. Lily is the 3rd of the three Hoffman grandchildren to wear this beautiful gown.

Lily sharing a moment with her Grandma:

After church, we went to Lisa's parents house for a yummy lunch and more celebration of Lily and for Lisa's birthday. A wonderful time was had by all...a memory we will cherish forever.

I have a feeling I won't be cooking much this week as we have TONS of leftovers that we need to eat before heading out of town on Saturday. On Saturday we are going to Holden Beach, NC with my in-laws and brother and sister in laws. We are staying until is going to be a good time! I mean, who doean't have a good time at the beach??

Happy Monday to all!

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