About Me

Personal trainer, love of cooking, living in Richmond. Wife to husband, Daniel, and Mom to two fur babies, Zeus and Zoey (whom you see on my blog design eating peanut butter). I love smiling and being positive...I believe that it will get you far in life. I love my family, friends, my pugs, a good workout, good wine, good beer, good food, have I mentioned exercise? ha, and the list goes on.

I was raised eating homemade meals made by my Mom (registered dietician). We had family dinners at the dinner table most nights that I can remember. My Mom is an amazing cook, and my love of cooking has come from her. Also, my love of exercise and healthy eating has come from my family. "Special Treats" has been a motto in my family growing up. It is important to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle...but it is also important to allow youself to special treats in life. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about new recipes, my life goings-ons and other various topics.