Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Double digits…10 months!!!!

10 months!  We are in the double digits…this is insane.  Our babies are getting so big and get more and more fun each day.  At their 9 month appt. (which was really when they were about 9.5 months old) Abby weighed 22 pounds, 3 ounces (!!!) and George was 17 pounds, 14 ounces.  Abby is in the 95th percentile for weight and height.  George is in the 15th percentile for weight and the 25 percentile for height.  Both are in size three diapers, although I'm starting to get size 4's for Miss Abby.  Abby is in size 18-24 month clothes and George is in 12 month sized clothes (some 18 month too).


Both babies are eating only solids foods now.  Horray for no more purees!  They feed themselves now and let me tell you, that makes my life a little bit easier!!!  I love this and they love it too.  For breakfast they typically eat pancakes (their fav!), buttered toast with cinnamon and some fruit, or cheese toast with fruit.  For lunch they usually have cheese toast with fruit and veggies, or turkey/ham and cheese with fruit and veggies.  Dinner is usually whatever we are having.  There is really not many foods they don't like.  They don't love hummus, but other than that they will eat just about anything.  They are my good little eaters!  They even will pick out the veggies in their dinner and eat them first.  I know this may change the older they get but so far it's awesome. :)  When I was a baby my brothers called me the "hurricane eater" because I was very big like Abby and ate EVERYTHING.  Like Mother, like Daughter.  Abby is just like how I was and now I totally understand why that was my nickname. haha.  

I am still nursing Abby.  I just stopped pumping for George (well except for my one morning pump).  Mainly b/c it's just getting too hard to pump with mobile babies.  All they want to do is crawl the opposite direction and get into things or try to pull the pump off of me.  It's very difficult.  The only time I'm pumping now is in the morning after I nurse Abby.  Only b/c I'm super full.  The good thing though is that that morning pump makes a full bottle so George gets that at his noon feeding.  They are still taking a bottle 4 times a day.  In the next month or so we will most likely go down to 3 times a day and do a snack in the afternoon instead of a bottle.

Both babies are sleeping great at night.  Is is so wonderful.  If it's a pretty day and they are happy we will push their bed time routine back to 7 pm so they go to sleep at 7:30 pm.  If not, we keep their routine at 6:30 so they are asleep by 7 pm.  They wake up anytime between 7 and 8 am.  It's glorious!  Naps are still hit or miss.  Some days they are great and other days they are awful.  They usually take their morning nap around 10 am and their afternoon nap is around 2-3 pm.  

Abby and George are MOBILE!  Crawling everywhere and pulling up on things.  Abby loves to walk when you walk with her.  We think she will be walking by her first birthday.  

We are more than happy that the Spring weather is here.  We are getting outside as much as possible!  A & G love to go swinging.  There is a park in walking distance from our house that we go to or we go to a park in my parents neighborhood for this.  So much fun!  And hooray for getting out of the house!  What a rough winter it was.

Abby with her Mimi

George with his Great Grandma

A & G met their Great Grandmother this past week.  She so enjoyed getting to meet them and play with them…as did we.  It was a lovely week and we miss her already!

A & G with their Great Grandma and their cousins!

Both love their bath every night.  They giggle, splash and have the best time in their baths.  They are going to love the pool and ocean this summer!  Abby HATES getting her pi's on after bath time.  She screams and screams until I feed her.  She's always been like this…she knows bed time is coming.  Once I feed her she calms down.  

We are enjoying watching the babies interact.  It melts my heart when they play and laugh together.  So much fun.  We are working on sharing and gentle touches.  

I am starting to plan their 1st birthday party and it is blowing my mind.  It really is.  I feel it was just yesterday that they were born!  We are going to have a fairly small birthday party for them with mainly just family.  

Happy 10 months, Abby and George.  You both bring more joy to our lives than we ever thought possible!

Disclaimer: I was totally going to get this post out earlier, but then I caught the stomach bug and then sweet Abby did!  Her first stomach bug, it was awful.  Thankfully she was a HUGE trooper (best little sick baby I've ever seen!  Even smiled in between throwing up as you can see in the pic below) and got through it quickly.  We first noticed her throwing up in her crib at 4 am Sunday night.  I had just stopped throwing up myself but thankfully God gave me the strength to feel better enough to care for her.  I cleaned her up and then she and I slept in the guest bed together the rest of the night and well into the day.  She threw up about 5 times, but the bug only lasted about 7 hours and then she was back to normal.  Thank goodness it didn't last long. I have to thank my breast milk for that and all it's antibodies!  The hubs got the bug a week ago…so far George hasn't gotten it and I'm praying he doesn't…only time will tell!