Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me...on TV

Yesterday was just one of those weird days. Not weird bad, weird good...but just weird. A few odd things kept happening. I won't go into all of the details, but around lunchtime yesterday I opened up my e-mail to find an e-mail from CBS in Richmond asking me if I would come do a cooking demonstration live next week. What? Me? on TV? haha...no WAY. My Dad is in the media business and when I was younger I was on a couple commercials, but that's about as far as my TV stardom went. Now, we're only talking the Richmond news, but still I'm not too sure about having a large camera in my face. Especially folks, this will be live...yup, no cuts or re-do's for this baby. One time and one time only. lol. Oh my. Anywho...for those of you who live in Richmond, I will be on 'Virginia This Morning' on CBS on Friday morning, July 22nd sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 am. I am not sure what I will be making yet...any suggestions???!!!

Last night the hubs and I finished off these enchiladas. Yummy and so filling.

On Sunday evening we had hand made fresh Crab Cakes from "The Crab Lady." "The Crab Lady" is this adorable little old lady in Murrels Inlet (a hop skip and a jump from my parents beach house in SC). She hand makes phenomenal fresh crab cakes, spring rolls and other wonderful eats. Everything she makes is amazing. My parents sent us home with a few crabs cakes to enjoy once we were back home. Along with our crab cakes we had fresh broccoli, TJ's mac n'cheese (the hubs fav) and a spinach salad with organic/farm fresh blackberries and sliced walnuts. Yum.

Daniel put the red casing that was over the blackberries over Zoey's head. haha. Gang puppy!

"Dad, why did you do that to me?"

"Hey! Don't forget about me!"

*Have you ever been on TV? Any tips/suggestions for me? Help!!!!! :)


  1. Hi Laura - I work at CBS in Richmond. The folks on Virginia This Morning are great and will make you feel VERY at ease. Let me know if you have any questions - swise@wtvr.com -- break a leg!

  2. Oh very cool about the cooking demo!! That's so fun! Ah, I'm looking forward to that blog post already!

  3. Laura that is so cool!!! I wish I lived in the viewing area! You must dvr it.....maybe even youtube it? GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. Thanks, everyone! I'll let you know how it goes :)

  5. Congrats on your television debut, Laura. I've done live cooking demo's for VA This Morning before and it's lots of fun. One bit of advice. Pick a recipe that you can make quickly and prep it out a lot. The time goes by much faster than you'd think. Good luck! Sure you'll be great.

  6. Thank you, Kendra. These are fabulous tips that I will most def. do! :)