Tuesday, March 11, 2014

9 months!

Again, I'm late on this post, but better late than never.  9 months, how the heck are we here?  9 months sounds so old!!!  I am starting to plan the twins 1 year birthday and I absolutely can not believe it.  I almost refuse to believe that they will be ONE in a few short months.  Time is flying.  I am really cherishing every moment (well, most of them, haha).  

So far 9 months is my favorite age.  The babies are just so much fun these days.  Their little personalities are so cute to see and it's so cool to watch them develop into little people.  They crack us up with their big smiles and belly laughs.  We love when they laugh…it's the cutest.thing.ever.  

They are still loving their solids.  We are doing more finger foods these days b/c they love to feed themselves.  To heck with the spoon, Mom!  Their favorite foods to eat are Cherrios (this is a top fav!), of course puffs, toast, cheese, crackers and avocado.  Just in the last couple days they have started to get picky.  It's like it just hit them that they could eat peas or a cracker and so they go for the cracker.  ugh.  I've had to start offering veggies first so that they aren't allowed to have the fun stuff until after they eat all of their meal.  Mean Mom I know.

I am trying to find places to go with spaces in the cart for two babies.  So far Costco and Target are the winners.  I haven't found any other place yet, although I haven't looked very hard!  The babies love riding in the cart and it makes it much easier for me to shop and get around.

I am still nursing Abby and pumping for George.  They are getting four bottles/nursing a day.  They have their bottles/nurse around 7 am (or when they wake up), then around 11:30 am, 3 pm, then before bed at 6:30 pm. 

Sleeping is going well and naps are getting a bit better.  They sleep 7 pm-7 am with no wake ups.  On occasion one baby will wake up at night but that is rare.  Although, every freaking time there is a full moon BOTH babies sleep horribly.  I SWEAR it has something to do with the full moon, I'm totally convinced b/c it's happened a few times.  I dread the next night when there is a full moon.  Both babies have started to take one "longer" nap a day which has been great.  Longer typically means a 1-1.5 hour long nap.  They will take one short nap a day (30-40 minutes) and then one long nap.  The craptastic thing is that they RARELY seem to take their longer nap together.  So say Abby will take a 30 minute nap in the morning, and George will take his long nap.  Then in the afternoon Abby will take her long nap and George his short nap.  This kills me!  If only they'd be on the same page and take their long naps together.  When it does happen, boy it is glorious!  I can actually get things done around the house!  Although I really can't complain b/c for 9 months old they are good sleepers.

Abby has two teeth and George still doesn't have any.  We are waiting!  Both babies aren't crawling yet but we keep saying any day!  They are getting around though by scooting and rolling everywhere.  I turn my head for a second and they are into something. :)  I call George, curious George b/c he loves to explore!  So cute.  For the past couple weeks they have been getting up on all fours and rocking so it really is any day that they crawl.  Life is surely going to change when that happens!    

Babies had fun playing with Ben, my sorority sister's baby boy!  (cracks me up of George!)

Both babies LOVE their baths.  Part of our bed time routine is to give them a bath before bed time.  They just love it.  They love to splash and play with their toys.  We are so looking forward to taking them to the pool this summer!  Both babies also love to go on jogs and walks with us.  They also love when we go out to eat.  They so enjoy going out in public and watching everyone…they think it's hilarious and such a blast.  

First bath together at Pop and Sush's!

The hubs and I spent my birthday weekend in NYC without the babies.  My parents watched them for the weekend!  We missed them so much but had a nice weekend away.  I was def ready to come home to see them though. 

Happy 9 months my sweet lovable and fun babies!