Sunday, January 27, 2013

16 weeks!

How far along? 16 weeks
Baby’s size? About the size of an avocado...not sure how an avocado is bigger than an apple (apparently they were the size of apples at 15 weeks), but whatev :)  At our 15 week appt. the babies weighed 4 oz., so I'm guessing now they are about 5 oz. or so each.
Total Weight Gain: 8 pounds
Stretch marks? I just noticed some slight ones on my back around my hips---not sure if this is from pregnancy or not.  Probably.  But I am lubing up and trying to put lots of oil and lotion on my belly, hips and thighs so that I don't get too many stretch marks.  
Sleep:  It's been pretty good lately...despite the crazy leg cramps I get often at night---major ouch.  And still adjusting to not sleeping on my back.  
Best moment this week: Having a stranger ask me at the gym how far along I was.  This was the first stranger to ask!  I was wondering when this would happen.  I guess my belly is really popping :)
Miss Anything?  Not this week, I absolutely love being pregnant!!!!!!!
Movement: Not yet!!!
Food cravings: Really nothing big this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!  Although I do have a cold I'm trying to get rid of...yuck, go away, please!!!!
Gender: We know and we've told family, but not telling the rest of the world until after our next appointment in two weeks.  I know that was mean and a tease, but eeekkkkkk all I can say is we are SUPER excited :) :) :) :)
Labor Signs: Thank goodness, NO.
Symptoms: Growing belly if that's a symptom.  Slightly bloody nose often in the morning, leg cramps in the middle of the night, having to pee a lot...that's about it.
Belly Button in or out? Right now it's flesh with my skin---craziest thing ever.  It's going to become an outty any week now---SO WEIRD.  
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!!!  Although these pregnancy hormones do make me tear up and cry much more than I'd ever expect.  But I have to say I've been so happy throughout this pregnancy.  
Looking forward to: Our next appointment in a couple weeks when we get to see our sweet babies through an never gets old.  We are so in love.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm back! And with BIG news!

Ok, no more hiding for me.  I'm back to blogging and back with some exciting news.  You see, last year, 2012, was a hard year.  In January the hubs and I started seeing a fertility specialist.  We tried a couple different ways to get pregnant and, it worked.  We had NUMEROUS tears, frustrating, sad and happy doctors appointments.  I felt like I lived in the doctor's office last year.  I won't go into details, but in June around our third anniversary we found out we were pregnant!  We were so over joyed and bursting with happiness.  Then, in July, my Grandfather passed away.  He lived a very long and wonderful life, but he was a very special man to so many.  It was very hard saying goodbye to him.  Shortly after his funeral, I miscarried.  I had a D&C, this was easily the darkest month of our lives.  July was not a good month.

Once my body healed, we started trying again.  Low and behold, we got pregnant shortly after in October.  We were so happy, excited, very scared, and worried what the future would hold for us and our baby.  We took each appointment as it came and felt better as at each appointment things were *perfect.*  We recently announced the news to the "world" and it feels so much more real now.  The even bigger news is that there are not one but TWO babies in my belly!!!  We are pregnant with fraternal twins!  The due date is July 15th....this is my Grandfather's crazy is that?  I know he had planned this all along and is looking down on us.  Although the due date is in July, twins will most likely come in June so we are telling most people that June is our due date.

I am going to try my best to be a better blogger as I want to blog about my pregnancy so I can remember it.  My first trimester was for the most part easy.  I had a few days here and there of feeling like death and throwing up.  But most days I have felt pretty good...not great, but not awful.  Fast forward to the second trimester where I am now and I feel great!  I have lots of energy, I'm not too big yet and honestly, most days I don't really feel pregnant other than my growing belly.  On these days where I don't feel pregnant we have a doppler so we can listen to the babies heartbeats to make sure all is well...this is very reassuring. :)

Here goes the pregnancy questionnaire...

How far along? 15 weeks
How big is baby? 4 inches long...about the size of an apple
Weight gain? 7 pounds so far
Maternity clothes? Yes!
Sleep? Pretty good!  I've always been a side sleeper but I do usually wake up on my back.  It's been hard not sleeping on my back anymore, but I'm trying so hard to get used to it!
Movement? Not yet, but I can't wait for it!  Apparently with twins it can start anytime starting next week!
Food cravings? Everything cold and crisp sounds wonderful to me right now.  Like iceburg lettuce and apples and ice cold water (oh I could kill some watermelon if it was in season).  
Gender? Not yet, although we have an idea of what Baby B is!  We will know soon and will share the news with family first and then then tell others.  I have a feeling of what they are though...we will see if I'm right!
What I miss? Sushi, a nice glass of wine here and there, and a hard intense workout.  
What I am looking forward to? Having these sweet babies and being a Mom.  My goal is to get these babies as big as I can and keep them cooking in me as long as I can!!!
Weekly wisdom? I am going to be HUGE when this is all said and done, but bring it on. :)
Milestones? Finally done with the first trimester, woohoo!  It was the longest few months ever!!!  Now things seem to be going more quickly.  Our registry is 98% done (thanks to family and friends who helped!) and the nursery is planned.  Our nursery theme is elephants and I'm sooo stinkin excited about it.  Now we just have to put it together :) The fun part!