Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Daniel and I have a new addition to our family! We welcomed Zoey (an almost 12 week old black pug puppy) to our family today! We are sooo excited about this, and so is Zoey's big brother-Zeus. We have been wanting a black pug for a while. The time was right and we found the one. Yes, we are crazy...but we are also pug crazy. Daniel and I are huge dog lovers and in the past couple years have become huge pug lovers. Now we have a sweet boy and a precious little girl...we are proud parents!

Zeus is already being a good big brother and trying to show Zoey the ropes. I will post some pictures, but will be adding a lot more later.

I am wondering how we will sleep tonight....


  1. Oh my goodness Laura, Zoey is so stinkin cute!! I can't wait to meet her! :-)

  2. Agreed! Zoey is ADORABLE! And, I love the name for a little pup!!

  3. Zoey looks like a cute little button face baby! Show her my picture while visiting since I won't get to see her!