Friday, March 1, 2013

20 week appoitment

The hubs and I went to see our Multiple Specialist Wednesday for our 20 week appointment.  The babies are looking so healthy and perfect.  Baby A weighs 12 oz and Baby B weighs 13 oz.  The dr. was VERY happy with their weight gain in the past few weeks!  That makes Momma happy!  All the protein, fat, fruits and veggies (and of course sweets!) I'm eating is making these babies plump and I love it.

The appointment went very well until my dr. checked my cervix.  He noticed that it is starting to open from the top.  I'm not dilated now, but if things were to progress I could be dilated soon and that's not what they want right now obviously.  So, dr. put me straight into the hospital.  I have been here since Wednesday and don't know when I'll be going home.  I'm here until at last Monday.  I do know however that I will be on bed rest when I go home.  Bed rest for a few, I never thought this would happen to me.  Isn't it funny how we make plans for ourselves and God has a totally different plan?  I guess that's called life.

Not to mention I celebrated my 30th birthday on Thursday while in the hospital.  Thank goodness we went to Spain and really celebrated it there!!!!  I was showered in love though from friends and family calling, texting, visiting, etc. so all in all it was a happy birthday day.

What am I most sad about being on bed rest now?

-I can't get the house and nursery baby ready like I wanted.  I had all these grand plans like reorganizing/cleaning out closets, making some meals to stash away in the freezer, giving the house a thorough cleaning, getting the nursery all ready and waiting for the babies and the list goes on...

-Shopping for the babies.  Thankfully I have finished my registry but all we have for the babies so far are the cribs and dresser.  We have *some* clothes (not much) and a couple other random items...but not a whole lot.  I was looking forward to doing more shopping, but as my Dad reminds me "all you really need for newborns is food and diapers" haha.

-Missing my baby shower in South Carolina.  My sister in law and many good friends were throwing it for me on April 20th in Greenville.  The invitations are already made and about to go out.  I was so sad to tell these ladies that we have to cancel it.  Breaks my heart.

-Not being able to travel anymore.  We were planning on going to Raleigh a couple more times and then to SC.

-I hope I can make it until my baby shower in Richmond in early May when I'll be 30 weeks!!!!  But we will cross that bridge in a few weeks.

-I am not the type that likes being waited on, so this is hard.  I especially hate it for my hubs that has a lot on his plate with work, then taking care of me, the house, the yard, the dogs, meals, etc.  I know he is more than happy to do all of this, but I still hate it.

-I can't wear all my cute maternity clothes...well I can, but not many people will see them!

-Of course you all know I'm a VERY active woman.  So bed rest for a few weeks?  Yozers, tie me down.  haha, no really I am listening very well to the dr's orders as I only want the best for these babies!

-Speaking of being active, I always thought I'd have an active pregnancy---not too much, but exercise a few times a week...doing prenatal yoga, know...all the "right" things.  Well, God has other plans.

Although there are many things I'm worried and sad about by being on bed rest for this long, I also am SO thankful in many ways.  As I sit here typing this post in the hospital I hear a newborn screaming...the funny thing is, I love the sound.  We will have this times two in a few weeks.  I can not believe it.  I am so thankful that these babies are healthy...that's all I've ever prayed about this whole pregnancy and so far, I'm getting what I wanted and I thank God for that every day.  I will do whatever it takes to keep these babies cooking for a few more weeks.  My goal is to make it to 34 weeks but we will see.  I am also so very, very thankful for my husband, family and friends.  Everyone has been so generous, so kind, so loving, etc.  It means SO much to us and we thank you!


  1. So you as always just amaze me. Read this through tears. Your brave heart and sunny disposition will always be the things that make life better for you.
    The room will be ready, all the things done, just you will get to tell us how you'd like. Promise! Looking forward to me being the one coming to see YOU and Me being the one helping YOU!
    Hugs and Loves~

  2. Thank you, Susie! Can't wait to see you :) Thanks, Molly! Huge congrats to you...I love following your blog!!!