Thursday, March 14, 2013

One foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other...

Yesterday, I got the green light (hence the big green belly) to start walking for 20 minutes, 3 times a day!  This news was music to my ears!  Yesterday, the doctor decrease my Indocin medication and I did two, verrrry slow 20 minute walks.  It's amazing how much strength and stamina you loose when being in the bed for two weeks.  I was shocked.  I told the hubs that it really puts things in perspective for me.  I also feel that after going through this I will be able to be a better personal trainer and can better understand other people's certain circumstances such as recovering from surgery, pregnancy, bed rest, etc.  I am monitored every morning for an hour to see if I have any contractions or an irritable uterus which I was having earlier.  This morning my uterus was calm, so that is good with the decreased meds and increased activity.  

Today my last dose of Indocin was given to me at 5:00 am!  And today, I did three close to 20 minute slow walks.  I am curious as to how tomorrow's monitoring goes...cross your fingers and say prayers it goes well!  If that goes well and Saturday morning's monitoring goes well, then home I go!!!!!  But honestly, I won't believe I'm going home until I'm in the car.  We have had too many false calls on thinking I was going home and I didn't, so really taking it one day at a time, but secretly hoping and praying I get home SOON.  Going on day 15 in the hospital is no fun at all.

Many of you have asked if I have felt bad.  Honestly, I feel amazing.  If I wasn't on bed rest I would be feeling incredible.  It's probably a blessing that I am on bed rest, because if I wasn't I would probably be over doing it at home and work without even realizing it.  It takes a lot for this busy body to slow down.  I was never having contractions, but was told I have an irritable uterus.  Basically what this means is that my uterus was having very mild irregular activity (not strong enough to be called contractions).  It usually wears off, but can become full blown labor if not monitored carefully.  Not what you want in your early 20 weeks of pregnancy, but honestly, I think any pregnant Mother with multiples has this!  I'm just lucky enough to have a doctor who is SUPER conservative!!!  Of course the main issue was my opening cervix, not as much the irritable uterus, but of course they still want/need to monitor it.  I have yet to feel any cramps or contractions or anything of that sort, and that is a blessing.

Physically, I feel good...or as good as anyone could feel being on bed rest.  Mentally, I feel pretty good as well.  I have my ups and downs for sure.  Is this bed rest related or hormone related??  Probably both!  Oh my poor husband.  He has SO much on his plate right now.  He has been wonderful throughout all of this, I owe him.  Perhaps I'll birth him two precious babies to make up for all of this?? ;)

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  1. Sounding like positive 'steps' going your way! I think those two precious bebes are just what the Dr ordered for both of you!
    Hugs and Loves