Saturday, March 23, 2013


Many people have been wondering how my doctor's appt. went yesterday, so here it goes...

All went well, but that is after I had a slight heart attack.  The ultrasound technician took her time looking at the babies, checking out their hearts and brains, measuring their bones, etc.  They look good!  Little boogers are both now 1 pound 6 ounces.  Growing like weeds.  Everything looks great for them and they are right on target for what they should be.

They always do the regular ultrasound first and then a vaginal ultrasound to check my cervix.  The doctor and nurse can see the cervix somewhat from the regular ultrasound, but they get a better look at it from doing a vaginal ultrasound.  So here comes the heart attack part.  After my regular ultrasound (doctor is not yet in the room) my ultrasound technician told me that they were going to do a Fetal fibronectin test on me.  This test is done basically like a pap smear (a little more uncomfortable) and it tests to see if I will go into labor within the next couple weeks.  As the nurse left the room and we were waiting for Dr. Xmas, I immediately began freaking out wondering if the nurse noticed that my cervix wasn't holding and that she thought I may go into labor soon.  My mind was running like crazy.  My palms were sweaty...I was sweaty.  I was shaking.  I prayed.  I thought, I can not have these babies in 1-2 weeks!  They are still so tiny and need much more time in their Momma's belly!  I don't want them to have to spend a few months in the NICU!  Also, I don't want to go back into the hospital right now...I just got out.  The hubs was there telling me to relax.  I was trying to take deep breaths, but that really wasn't working too well.  

Dr. Xmas came into the room.  He didn't say anything about my cervix, but went on to prepare for the fetal fibronectin test.  He mentioned that he was going to do the test now because it had to be done before the vaginal ultrasound or the results would not be accurate.  He told us that if things looked good from the vaginal ultrasound that he would not send the test into the lab to get results and he would just throw it away.  But, if the ultrasound didn't look good, then he would send the test in.  Dr. Xmas could tell I was a nervous wreck.  He did the test, then came the vaginal ultrasound.  A "DAMN" came from Dr. Xmas's mouth..."your cervix looks awesome!!!"  That is the moment I could breathe again.

Dr. Xmas was very pleased with how everything looked!  Hallelujah!  He wants to see me back in two weeks (April 5th) for our next appointment.  If my cervix looks as good as it does now, then he will lighten up on my bed rest!!!!  Woohoo!  This means I could *possibly* go back to work (desk work only--no personal training) if all looks good in a couple weeks.  I'm not banking on going back to work at all, but at least more freedom would be WONDERFUL!  Looks like this procedure is really what my body needed and I'm so pleased that so far all looks good.  Please pray that it stays this way and these babies continue to cook!

In my previous post I mentioned that my brother and sister in law are here visiting and helping the hubs get the house baby ready.  They put together the dresser for the nursery and I love it!  Ignore the wall art and stuff in the babies room...most of this will go.

We've also enjoyed lots of snuggle time with our sweet niece, Grace.


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