Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not being able to run= Not a happy woman

Throughout the MANY years of being active and a personal trainer I have gone out of my way to be very careful to not injure my body. I take time to warm up before exercising, stretch before and after exercising, etc. I had never been hurt from exercising until recently...

A couple months ago I tore my groin muscle. Yes, you read this correctly. Random, right? I had just come home from having a wonderful massage, got in the shower and slipped because of the oils that were on my feet. When I slipped my left leg shot out from under me and that's when the torn happened.

The first few weeks I was in a lot of pain and it was even hard to walk. Funny thing (and thank God or I would have gone NUTS), I could still use the elliptical and bike. It's the pounding of the leg with the running and fast walking that bothers me. I wanted to wait it out before seeing a doctor because I've heard that these types of injury's just take a while to repair themselves. After a few weeks, walking got much easier and I was even back in the gym doing everything I typically do...except for running. Running just KILLS it. This makes me sad, especially because I was in the best running shape I have ever been in right before this happened. Ugh.

Last week I finally decided to go see a doctor since it's been a full two months since I've been able to run with out pain. The doctor was great and did many stretches and tests. Basically because I am a trainer and have an active job, and am a very active person, he said this tear will just take a long time to heal (well-obviously, haha) because I don't rest much. He has requested that I go to a physical therapist a few times and I will start this next week. Hopefully the physical therapist will help me with some stretches and tips on how to get my running back! If it is not completely healed within 6 weeks, I will go back to the doctor for an MRI. Hopefully this will not be the case...I am 99% sure it won't because I am feeling much better! :) I will keep you all posted on this issue and update you with my running results.

-Have you every torn or strained your groin muscle? If so, any tips for me on this?
-Have you ever been hurt in a way that enables you from running? I write this on a Saturday morning there is nothing more I would love to do right now then go for a long run....grrrrrr...telling myself to rest so that *hopefully* in another month or so I can get back into it!!!!

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