Friday, June 24, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Although owning your own home is a lot of work and A LOT of is worth it (well today I'm saying it's worth it--tomorrow might be different, haha). The hubs and I love having a large yard...especially during beautiful weather. We tend to find ourselves outside more than inside working in our yard when the weather is nice. I love this!

Since buying our home last year we have done TONS of work to our yard. In short (go here for more details), we put grass in last year, and this year we just finished making new beds and putting in all new plants. My husband has a true talent for yard work/landscaping, so this is his baby. He has done a GREAT job! Here are some before/after pictures.



I wasn't planning on doing a vegetable garden this year because we still have lots of to-do's in the yard, but it kind of just happened. My Mom gave me a tomato plant that already has a few baby tomatoes on it (woohoo!), my Mom also gave me a mint plant, our neighbors gave us two basil plants and we just bought a pepper plant. My little veggie garden. :) Everything is doing great and flurishing!!!! We had all of the plants since they were tini-tiny and now look how big they are! It is exciting. I am looking forward to a fresh and delicious BLT this summer...a tomato sandwich or tomato pie---right from the garden. Can't wait...have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer???!




Everything plus the pepper:

Do you have a veggie garden? If so, what's in it?!


  1. Yum, I love veggie gardens, we just don't have the sunshine to grow them. You and Daniel have really put in a lot of work and it shows! Beautimous!

  2. Laura! Your house is beautiful! Wow, what a difference all the garden work/ painting and I'm sure many other things, have made!