Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zeus-"The Moose"

Zeus as a wee-little puppy

Around Spring of 2008, Daniel and I began to seriously consider getting a puppy. We began the discussion of which kind of dog to get. I grew up with Goldens, so I was leaning toward a Golden or a Lab. I love big dogs...they are sweet, fun, and great to exercise with. The only small dog I've had was a Lhasa Apso...our family's first dog. This dog was not very nice, and especially horrible around young children. He, Casey, was my impression of how small dogs acted. Daniel also great up with bigger dogs, Labs. We both thought about getting a big dog, but then re-thought how much space and exercise a large dog would need. At that time, we were living in two separate small apartments...and, mind you, we were not engaged---so had no plans to live together yet.

Since Daniel was young, he saw some pug puppies and it was love at first sight! He mentioned to me..."What about getting a pug?" The perception I had about pugs were that they were fat, ugly, loud, snorters and...gross. I, I don't want a pug! After lots of convincing, and reading up about pugs, I decided to make a go for it and let Daniel have what he's always wanted. I do have to admit that after reading a lot about pugs, getting a book on them, etc... it seemed to be the perfect fit for us.

Now, it was time for me to research pug breeders! We knew we wanted a AKC certified pug, so we looked up breeder's through this. The first breeder we visited was great. This is when I fell in love with pugs. There were about five little tini-tiny pug puppies running around us...they were SO sweet, funny and cute, cute, CUTE. After lots of thinking and consideration, we did not buy from this breeder because these dogs were show dog quality and were way too expensive for our puppy budget. On to the next breeder visit! This breeder we found in Richmond. It was awful. The breeder basically had a puppy farm of pugs all in his nasty, dirty house. It was gross, it was smelly, it was dirty, the dogs were not taken care was sad. Needless to say, we did not get a pug from there. To this day, I wish we would have reported this breeder...this is NOT how puppies should be brought into the world! Now, for the third breeder we visited. "Serenity Haven Kennels"...this was it. A breeder out in Pamplin, VA...they breed Pugs, French Bulldogs and Bulldogs. A couple runs this kennel, and they are the most loving, caring people...not to mention the kennel was spotless and did not smell at all!!! This is where we bought Zeus. We had to wait a little over a month to take him home and could not wait!

Now you ask, "Where does the name Zeus come from?" Daniel liked the name "Zeus" for a pug, so it was easy---that was his name. really fits him!!! We have lots of nicknames for him: "Zeus-The Moose," "Moose," "knucklehead," etc.

Zeus is the sweetest, precious, most loving dog I've EVER had and been around. He is the perfect apartment dog, super easy, and the most cuddly animal possible. He cracks us up daily with his cute face, his "pug runs," and his hilarious personality. As I type this, he is cuddled up on my lap. If you are seating down or sleeping, he is right next to you...he can't get too close and nestles into your side or lap. He is the biggest smuggler, ever!!! Daniel and I watch what he eats so he won't become a fat pug. He is probably the most in shape, and healthiest pug yet. He loves to run and play, and his favorite snacks are apples, carrots and green beans.

Daniel and I are basically obsessed with our little "fur-baby." Zeus is our main topic of conversation each and every day. We laugh, because we really talk about him 95% of the time we talk. We love him like he really is our child. Oh, I can't imagine when we actually have real children! haha.

Zeus has been with us for many important events. He was hiking with us when Daniel proposed in November of 2008. He was with us when we moved into our first apartment. He was with me the morning of our wedding. I will never forget that morning...when I woke up he greeted me with a "wooowoooowooooooooooooooo" was the cutest thing ever. I swear he was saying "Mommy-I'm so happy you and Daddy are getting married today!!!" Zeus has also been a blessing to me since I was laid-off from work. He has brought happiness to our lives when times have been can't be unhappy around this sweetheart.

To Zeus, your Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Video on the day we brought Zeus home:

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