Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's a..............BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you're thinking...Laura and Daniel are pregnant??!! No on that one! The Conschafter family is so excited that Michael (my brother) and his wife, Amanda, are pregnant and due April 23rd. My parents (especially, Mom) have been wanting a little grand baby for a while...their wish has finally come true!

Amanda and Michael came to tell us the good news in late August. They stopped in for dinner to tell us the news. We had no idea this was coming! They gave my parents an anniversary gift (their anniversary was in August) and it was a pacifier!!! We all screamed with joy and cried happy tears. At that point, they were newly pregnant, so we had to zip our lips until we got the clear from Amanda and Michael to spread the news. I think we did a good job with that!

We all gathered together at my parents lovely beach house in Pawley's Island, SC, before Thanksgiving. Amanda's sister, Erin, is ironically due two days after Amanda! Erin lives in Pawley's Island, so while we were all there, we went to a 3D Ultrasound place and found out the sex of the baby...with Amanda and Erin together. It was such a neat experience. We saw "Baby Con" moving around...sucking his thumb...and wondering "why in the world do they keep moving me around?!" It was so exhilarating to see life inside Amanda...what a special experience. Oh...and Erin is having a boy too!

I know that Michael and Amanda will be amazing parents. My Mom and Dad are on cloud 9 with all of this. They are even taking "Grandparenting classes!" haha...go figure! :) I am already an Aunt to two precious boys, Trey and Peter, and an adorable baby girl, Lily, on the Hoffman side. I am very much looking forward being an Aunt on the Conschafter side and can't wait to meet Baby Con in April.

The picture above is what Baby Con is looking like now in his 5 month of pregnancy. Fat is beginning to form, helping to keep him warm and keep his metabolism going. His lungs are beginning to exhale amniotic fluid, and the circulatory and urinary systems are working. Hair on his head, eyebrows and eyelashes are filling in!


  1. Okay, first of all don't judge me for writing on your blog and not sending you and e-mail or facebook message like a normal person. It was easier to click on your icon after I read the comment. haha Do you work this Thursday? I was thinking of driving to Richmond Wednesday night and hanging with you and Daniel then if you don't have to work hanging out with you for a while before heading to DC?! I have more to tell you too so I'll stop blabbing on blogger and call you tomorrow! Love you!

  2. You are going to be awesome aunt! :)