Monday, December 7, 2009

Our first tree as a married couple!

Daniel and I bought our Christmas tree this past Saturday. It was the perfect day to get our first tree...a very cold 34 degrees and SNOWING! Light snow, but hey--it was snowing and it doesn't do that much in Richmond.

Our tree is big---much bigger than we expected, but it is so beautiful---the perfect tree! Apparently it was a fresh cut tree, but we are getting a little worried as it still hasn't drank the water in the tree stand. :/

Enjoy the pictures below! Also, you'll see our fur-baby in the lights. He loves Christmas, and this is his first tree as well...neither Daniel nor I had one last year in our apartments.

Our Engagement ornament from last year!

Our wedding picture, this year!

Clemson and NC State ornaments

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  1. Your tree is beautiful, and I think Zeus is your best holiday 'Treat' of all! Enjoy your first Christmas Season as newlyweds...