Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Season

Well, it's been a few days since my last post. It has been a busy week/weekend!!! I worked and babysat all week, celebrated my husband's 28th Birthday on Tuesday (yay!), took a CPR class and am re-certified for that, had a 3rd interview for a company that I've been interviewing with, took a high-energy step class for the first time (ouch-I was SORE!), cooked and baked lots of Daniel's birthday, did a little Christmas shopping, had Elise stay with us Wednesday night and hung out with her some, and did I mention, I worked, worked, worked? I worked most of the day today (Saturday), and I work rest for the weary!

I am actually happy to be busy, even though it's been crazy! I haven't been busy in a while, so this is a good feeling---believe it or not. I am sooo ready to have a full-time job again. This is the #1 thing on my Christmas list this year!!! I really don't want/need anything else. Daniel and I have had SO much given to us this year with an amazing wedding with family and friends. We couldn't have asked for more...and are truly content with everything we have right now. We are both so happy with what we have that we have no clue what to get each other! haha. I think we are going to get a joint gift...maybe a bigger TV??! I wouldn't mind spending the money on a joint gift that we could both enjoy. We are trying to watch our money in this economy, so we don't want to buy things just to buy. I like to live simply, and I don't like "stuff" in the motto is, if you don't use it or if it doesn't mean anything to you...get rid of it!

Daniel is out of town this weekend for a "boys weekend." This is my chance to eat sushi and I'm pretty darn excited about it!!! I hope that you are enjoying the holidays...always keep in mind the true meaning of the season.


  1. WHO KNEW YOU LIKED SUSHI... I NEED A SUSHI PARTNER IN THIS FAMILY YESSSSS!!!!! hahaha Thank you again for so much love and fun Wednesday night!! Love you :)

  2. OMG!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I didn't know you liked it either!! Yayy for sushi partner's!!!!!! Let's make a date! :) The things you find out over

    Love you!