Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today's 28 week OB appt.

Twas another boring OB appointment today.  We like boring!  My blood pressure is nice and low and my OB was very pleased to see me at 28 weeks and with everything going well.  She was not worried one bit about Baby Boy B's growth and thinks everything is going as well (if not better) as it could be.  My belly is measuring 33 weeks!  We listened to the babies heartbeats and that never gets old.  I had my gestational diabetes test today but won't get the results back for a couple more days.  Man, talk about a SWEET drink!  Tasted like kool-aid (gross) only ten times sweeter!!! ewww!  Don't get me wrong, I love my sweets, but have never been a fan of overly sweet drinks (unless we're talking about sweet tea here----a southern girls fav!).  I also had my Tdap Vaccine today.  Apparently my arm may be sore tomorrow from this.  All of our family and friends (ah-hem, grandparents and hubs!) that will spend lots of time around the babies will need to get this shot as well (if they haven't had it already).

My OB and I discussed c-sections a little more in depth since Baby Boy B (that little stinker!) is still breech.  She said at my 32 week appointment she will make the call on c-section or vaginal birth, and if c-section it is, we will have a date at that appointment or shortly after.  If I can last this long, she will plan the c-section at 37 weeks.  That would put the babies born at the end of June.  In other words that means TWO MONTHS from now...or earlier but no later than this!  ahhh!!!!!  My OB said there is always a chance that Baby Boy B could turn after 32 weeks, but it's highly unlikely with twins since the bigger these babies get, the less room they have to move around...much less flip.

My motherly instinct is that Baby Boy B will not flip and that I will have to have a c-section.  But you know what?  Who flippin cares if it's c-secion or vaginal.  As long as these babies come out healthy...that's all that matters to me.  The thing I'm most curious about is wondering if I'll last until 37 or if they will come earlier.  God has a plan... :)