Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Exciting News and Sweet Grilled Peaches

I ran this morning for the first time in over four months!!! Hip, hip, HORRAY!!! I last saw my physical therapist about 2 weeks ago and at that time she didn't give me the clear to start running again. But, I have recently felt great so decided to see if I could give it a little go this morning. I did it! I am so excited. This really makes me so so happy. I have missed running SO much since my injury and I can't wait to get back to the good ole days of running. Perfect timing for beautiful Fall weather in our near future. I only ran one mile and it was more like a very slow job than a run (or some could say a very fast walk). I ran at 5.1 MPH (slow as I turtle, I know), with a 0.5 incline, one mile took me 13 minutes. It was a VERY slow run, but none-the-less, I did it. There was no way I could have run faster as my muscle is still healing and I want to take it very easy in the beginning. I will continue to do a mile very slowly for a few weeks and build up from there. Can we get another, hip, hip, HORRAY?! :)

The other night we had my parents over for dinner, I made Sweet Grilled Peaches for dessert. This was a perfect hot summer night dessert! SOOOO delicious and melted in your mouth. I have grilled pineapple, but never peaches. I'm telling you, you must do this ASAP. It is amazing.

4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
4 peaches, unpeeled, halved and pitted
1/3 cup white baking chocolate, finely chopped

Heat grill to medium-high. Whisk together butter, brown sugar and cinnamon until well blended. Add peach halves and toss to coat.

Lightly oil grill grates to prevent sticking. Place peaches, cut side down on grill. Grill until slightly charred about 2 minutes. Using tongs turn peaches over carefully. Divide chopped chocolate among peach cavities and drizzle with remaining butter mixture from bowl. Grill until chocolate just begins to melt and peaches are charred, about 2 minutes.

To serve, top with vanilla ice cream or light Butter Pecan.

Mmmm, mmm...GOOD!


  1. This looks so good! I saw a grilled peaches recipe on the Weight Watcher's site a few weeks ago and wished I could have made it too, but you know apt living..no grill. Haha. I'm glad to hear you can run again!! YAY!! Hip hip hooray!! :) We'll have to bug you to make this for us one day ;)

  2. Wonderful news on running! You have been a real trooper throughout the ordeal. Peaches on the grill, now I could 'almost' run right over for a visit to test those out!

    Thanks for sharing some happy news!


  3. This wasn't the only great news that day!!!!!!! And this dessert sounds like the most amazing thing ever. Also yesterday I decided to pick back up running for the first time since I lived in Charlotte... so about 3 years! I did the same run and then walked a while! I'm excited to get back to running.