Saturday, August 27, 2011

My week in review!

Hello my friends! I'm back for a quick couple posts. My first week of work at my new job went fabulous. I really think I am going to love it there. After a couple days of training for the job, I got to start actual personal training clients on Wednesday. Yay! I will be personal training about 60% of the time there and the other 40% of the time I will be working on new fitness programs for Capital One, teaching/being in charge of the aerobics classes (woohoo!!!), teaching ab classes, and many many many other tasks. This job is LOTS more than just personal training, but I love it and it makes the 8 hours of the day go by fast.

It has been VERY tough trying to balance a full work day and then come home to try and study. I have been exhausted when I get home from work, so have been trying to go for a quick walk/run to clear my mind, eat/cook something, then get to studyin. I have done an OK job with it, I think. I feel myself getting stressed with this load, but trying to breathe and tell myself that I can do it! Weekends will be precious time for me to study; however, as you know the Hoffman's, we are go-go-goers. Last weekend we were in DC visiting my two brothers, my sweet little nephew, and my sister and brother in law. We had a GREAT time!!!!! (We really need to get up there more often and take advantage of the big city) This weekend we are in Raleigh and staying with my mother and father in law. It is my niece's 2nd birthday TODAY and my nephew's 7th birthday tomorrow. We are having a joint birthday party for them this afternoon. We are excited to be here for the celebrations. :)

Yes, we had a crazy earthquake this past week. I was at work (thankfully on the first floor) and everything was shaking. It was crazy, but I thought it was kind of exciting. haha. The loud speaker came on and everyone had to evacuate the building. At Cap. One that is TONNSSS of people, it was craaaazy. But, they handled it well. We had to wait outside for almost an hour so that they could check the buildings. It wasn't bad because it was a beautiful day outside. :) Now, the hurricane is coming our way. Oh my! I think it has lost some strength, so I doubt things will be too bad around us.

On to the eats...

Sunday afternoon we got home from DC and I wanted to make a yummy/healthy dinner for the hubs and I. My fabulous "go-to" blog for recipes is How Sweet It Is. She NEVER fails to disappoint with her recipes. Always amazing. I have shared many with you before, and will share many in the future. Sunday night I made these BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. Yum.Yum and more yum. Only difference I made with the recipe is that I used soy cheese instead of regular cheese.

Monday I threw some chicken in the crock pot along with some spices. When I got home from work Monday evening, right away dinner was served. I LOVE CROCK POTS!!!! I will post the recipe soon.

We worked on the leftovers for a few days and then Thursday night I made this amazing Crunchy Honey Chicken. Knock your socks off amazing. I tell you, I love this woman and her recipes.

I better run...enjoy your weekend everyone! Be safe!

*Sorry for no pictures, I forgot to bring my camera to Raleigh and hadn't uploaded pics onto the computer yet. oops!


  1. I have missed your blog! (but totally understand!) I am going to try the Crunchy Honey Chicken...looks so good! (I love her blog too!) Good luck with your busy life!!

  2. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend with your family!

  3. Thanks for popping in :)
    I'm a huge fan of Jessica's blog too. Have you made her "Better than crack" brownies? They are DEADLY.