Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy August!

Whoa, hold on, how is it August already??? WHERE in the world has this summer gone or for that sake, this year??? Craziness I tell you. It's actually a beautiful day here in Richmond. The high is only 95 degrees here today...I love some temps in the 90's after too many 100+ degree days (and yes, we have more coming).

I didn't have any early morning trainings today, so started my day off with Body Pump. Man oh man how I love me some Body Pump.

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I am a cardio queen, but I have also always loved weights. I believe this love came from my Mom. She has always been such an amazing healthy role model in my life and I need to thank her for this. Although she works her BUTT off with a hard full time job, she always finds time to exercise. She has always lifted weights and I tell you, it really pays off. She is one beautiful woman! She has taught me the importance of healthy living since a wee little thing, and I know that is now why I am a personal trainer and have a passion towards leading a healthy lifestyle today.

Tonight on the menu for dinner is a good friend's, Spinach Orzo Salad with Basil, Lemon dressing. I am going to use whole wheat orzo and add some chicken sausage for added protein. Yum, I can't wait to see how this turns out. Recipe will be posted later!

I have a hankering for making something sweet, but healthy sweet for dessert. Any suggestions???!!!

*Do you have a healthy role model in your life you can thank? Or, just any role model?



  1. I would definitely say my Mom, as well. She's completed over 25+ marathons (I kid you not!)

    ps: I love BodyPump too - it's my favourite of the LesMills classes.

  2. That's awesome about your Mom!!!!!