Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vitamin C, please?

Tomorrow I'm going on day 12 of all work and no breaks. No break is scheduled for me until the end of I going to make it??!! YES!!! :) However, I do feel a cold/scratchy throat coming on. :( Hellooooo Vitamin C, orange juice and orange slices! Also, no work outs and going to bed early for extra sleep.

Update on work: I am loving my job at the Retail Merchants Association. Everyone is so nice, helpful and great teachers. Come February when I am finished with training, I feel I am going to be super busy. I am excited though and ready for this! I am still working at the gym on the weekends. This is also still going well...I get my baby fix, enjoy the healthy atmosphere, and get a free membership for myself and a super cheap one for my husband. Doesn't get much better than that!

I have been proud of myself for working hard, yet finding time to exercise, put a home-made dinner on the table every night for the hubs and I, and do home chores. Thankfully-this is all made easier with a supportive and loving husband, family and friends. I am very happy to be back living this productive life after a nice is good, now cold-go away!

Off to make turkey burgers for dinner!


  1. Aww....good luck Laura! Sounds like you have a busy, busy month ahead! Stay well!!

  2. Hope you are feeling happy you are loving the new job! Daniel get that sweet wife of yours some chicken soup and tuck her in bed! xoxox