Friday, May 24, 2013

Today's OB appt.

I had an OB appt. this morning and all went well.  They hooked me up to the stress test, but only because they had planned to do it and didn't know Dr. Xmas would do it this week as well.  From now on I'll only get the stress test done at Dr. Xmas' need to have it done twice a week...unless there is reason to.  The test went great...I was on it for 20 minutes and only had one contraction and the babies were moving like the crazies they are.  The nurse said that they are true rock stars...I swear, these  have got to be the most active babies EVER.  But, that makes me happy!  They also took my blood pressure which was normal.  I am thankful for this because I know it can creep up toward the end of pregnancy's...especially multiple pregnancy's.

It is official that I will be having a c-section.  Baby B boy is still breech and it's highly doubtful he will move at this point.  But honestly, I am happy with a c-section.  Call me crazy, but I've heard too many horror stories of having the first twin vaginally and then the next twin by emergency c-section.  Heck no, that would be AWFUL.  So c-section all the way it is.  Now the big question....did we get a date set for the c-section??!  Almost!  My OB wants to discuss it with Dr. Xmas and she will call me sometime next week with a date.  EEEEKKK!  It will either be at 36 weeks or 37 weeks depending on what Dr. Xmas feels.  Although, they both think I'll have the babies around 35ish weeks (again, average for twins), but who knows....if not, we will have the scheduled c-section.  I am excited to get this date next week!  When I do, I'll be sure to let you all know.  Oh and they typically cut the cerclage at 36 weeks.  This is a painful procedure, I REALLY hope that they just take it out when I have the spinal before having the babies so I don't feel it.

At the appt. we also discussed how we get in contact with my OB if I go into labor and all the signs of labor.  My OB checked my cervix and could feel baby girl's head...she is supppper low!  Good news is that I'm not dilated yet, but my cervix is starting to thin because of the pressure from baby girl's head.  My OB was not worried about this though...but again, more reason why I think these babies may make their appearance in the next couple weeks or so.

As of the last couple days, I am officially feeling pregnant with twins.  I am completely exhausted all the time (I think more so than the first trimester----but maybe I'm just forgetting), not sleeping great, feeling huge, uncomfortable and feeling the Braxton Hicks contractions much more.  It is so hard to get in and out of bed, up and out of the couch/chairs/car, and bending down to say feed the dogs is a joke.  I do it, but with many grunts and moans.  Although I feel this way, I hate complaining, because I am SO thankful that we finally got and stayed pregnant after a hard and long journey to get here.  We sure are blessed and although I haven't had the "easiest" of pregnancy's, at the same time---it's really been great.  That may sound crazy, but I have loved being pregnant.  I know God has a plan (this has been out motto all along) and He will bring these babies out when they are ready.  No rush baby boy and girl, y'all keep cooking!  Mommy and Daddy want you well done when you come out of the oven :)  But whatever God's plan is, it will be great as He's already taken me farther in this pregnancy than I would have thought.

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  1. You have been amazing and an inspiration to everyone. So happy for you and ready to meet these two darlings!
    Love you~