Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day first and foremost to my incredible mother.  Without her I would not see life in such a positive way and I would not be who I am today without her.  She has a heart of gold and loves and supports her children in more ways than one.  She is a woman on the go who never sits down, yet always finds time to do good for others.

Another Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother in law!  Thank you for accepting me into your family on day one of meeting and for your love and support throughout the years.  I am so blessed to have two amazing Mother's as role models and those that love me so much!

The hubs got me beautiful tulips and candy for Mother's Day.  I told him I didn't really feel like I deserve this day yet, but then I think more about it and what I've been through so far and then I say, well maybe I do deserve it!  We are constantly amazed lately how there are two good sized babies in my belly right now.  And the fact that they will be here in the next month or so.  Pure craziness.  I can't believe it.  We are SO excited.  I absolutely can not wait to be a mother of a precious son and daughter.

And last but not least, as wonderful as this day is to celebrate those Mother's we love, it also makes my heart heavy to think of those who have lost their mothers, those that have had miscarriages and are hurting for their unborn child and/or those that are having a difficult time getting pregnant.  This time last year Mother's Day was hard on me.  I wondered if I would ever become a mother.  So today I am thinking about all of those women who are going through similar situations.  Your arms may be empty, but your hearts are full.  I promise there will be a day where you will hold your sweet baby in your arms.

I will be back tomorrow with a post on 31 weeks!

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