Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gender Reveal!

It's a BOY and a GIRL!

Baby A is the girl and Baby B is the boy.  At our 13 week appointment we were told that Baby B was a boy but they couldn't figure out what Baby A was that early.  We were determined that both babies were boys (which we would have been very happy with!).  At our 15 week appointment we found out that Baby A is a girl!  We were both so shocked and giddy with happiness!!!!!!!!!!!    

We could not be more excited about having have one of each sex.  I keep thinking how cool it will be to see what a boy and a girl will look like with our genetic makeup.  We also think it will be fun to have one of each sex for many other reasons as well.  I've always wanted one of each and my wish has come true.  After the very hard year and a half of trying to get pregnant, our dream is really coming true.

What will you name them you ask?  We have decided on names, but are planning to not announce them until they are born.  We've had our boy name picked out for a few months now (even before we got pregnant), but we were stuck on a girl name.  In fact before heading into our appointment when we found out the sexes I told my hubby that we needed to figure out another boy name because we were so determined it was two boys.  We now have a girl name as well and are very excited about it. :)  That's all I'm going to say.  We will have to bite our tongues to not let the names slip!  

God has blessed us so much already.  It's my job now to take care of myself and rest up so that our son and daughter grow big and strong before they make their big entrance into the world.


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  1. You make us so very happy! Can't wait to meet our little grandchildren! Hugs and Kisses!!!