Wednesday, February 6, 2013

17.5 week doctor's appointment

We had our 17.5 week doctor's appointment today with our multiple specialist and it went very well.  Both babies heartbeats were in the 140's which is great and both were being very active little munchkins.  Baby A was really going crazy and Baby B was just doing summersaults and showing off.  :)  The ultrasound technician always gives me a very through ultrasound taking about 30...about 15 minutes per baby.  She checks out the heart, the bones, the spine, the brain, the stomach, the bladder, the face, etc.  All look great on both babies!  The sex of the babies was also confirmed and we are SUPER excited.  I will announce next week!

We were also cleared to go to SPAIN next week.  My super sweet husband surprised me with a trip to Spain for my 30th Birthday/BabyMoon!  We leave for Spain in a week and are gone for a week.  We will be spending the majority of our time in Barcelona and will drive up to the coast of Southern France to stay there for a night.  We are VERY excited.

Both babies now weigh 7 oz.  Little buggers they are!  Man, we love them SO much already.  It just baffles me to think that there are two little ones in my belly.  Coolest thing ever.  I could watch the screen at the ultrasound  It's so fun to see them play and move around.  My heart melts every time.

 Baby A :)

Baby A again

 Baby B in motion as he/she did a summersault! lol 

Baby B on his/her stomach--the dr. said he/she must be a stomach sleeper...what a mess already :)