Sunday, October 2, 2011

Done, done and DONE.

I PASSED my Personal Trainer's exam!!!!!!!!  I could NOT be happier about this.  As explained here, I have been studying for my ACE personal trainer's certification for a little over a month now.  I am certified under AFPA, but once I began working at Capital One, they wanted me to get my ACE certification.  I am DONE studying!!!!

I had always dreamed of one day getting my ACE certification, but I thought I'd wait a few years to get this.  I got certified under AFPA earlier this year, so I thought that one certification was enough to tackle in one year.  Well, I was wrong.  But, I am LOVING my new job, so this was defiantly some great motivation to get it done.  

I have been studying my a$$ off for the past month and a half.  Working 40 hours a week plus studying has left me with very little time to do other things I enjoy, but I knew it would all be over with before I knew it.  My husband was a huge help with studying...often on weekends and while we were eating dinner he would quiz me and this was so helpful. A few days before the exam I was feeling just fine about it.  Then, the morning of the test came and I began to get very nervous.  I drove to the testing center and began the exam.  While taking the exam, I tried to calm myself and take deep breaths, but it was hard.  During the exam I would often get so nervous about passing the exam that I felt I could loose my marbles...if you know what I mean...I just HAD to pass the test!

After a little over 4 hours of taking the exam I hit the "submit answers" button on the computer and BOOM...I FLIPPIN PASSED!!!!!  I was shaking I was sooooo happy!  I immediately called the hubs and was freaking out (and still shaking) telling him the news.  Then it was on to call the parents.  My Mom was in a doctors office visiting some clients (for work) and she quickly answered the phone to hear the news and then said she'd call me back once she got out of the office.  I called Dad and he was super happy!!! :)  Then, my Mom called and was crying about how happy she was that I passed.  

You wonder, gah, I mean, it's just a test...right?  Well, I have always had a tough time in school and was never an A student.  I always work my butt off, but just have never been able to do extremely well in school and exams have ALWAYS been hard for me.  I am such a hard worker and study hard, so it's been very frustrating for me in the past.  Long story short, that is why everyone was so happy that I passed!  And, everyone knew how important and how much this test meant to me.

Enough on the test.  This weekend has been absolutely perfect.  No studying anymore for this lady!  Friday evening began having dinner with my fabulous sister and brother in law.  My sister in law is preggers and due the end of January with a baby girl.  We are super excited about this!!!!  We all went out for Mexican and then came home and crashed.  It was a long week and my bed was calling my name.  We slowly woke up Saturday morning and enjoyed each other's company over coffee and my husband's famous chocolate chip waffles.  My sister and brother in law's 2 year anniversary is tomorrow so they were heading off from Richmond to continue their celebration trip.  After they left the hubs and I ran 5 miles.  The weather was PERFECT yesterday.  Sunny but cool....a fabulous first day of October.  Our run felt so great.  After the run the hubs went to play golf with a friend and then I went shopping!  I then came home and made chili (recipe to come tomorrow!), cornbread, and pumpkin brownies.  We had some friends over for the Clemson football game (GOOOO TIGERS!!!) and for dinner and of course some good beers.  It was a great evening and a perfect day.  A day without worrying of studying and doing what I wanted to do.  Perfect, just perfect.  

Thank you to all of my wonderful family and friends for the encouragement and support through studying for this exam.  I really am SO blessed to have such amazing family and friends in my life.  I could not have done this without you all.  

Happy Fall everyone!  


  1. im so happy for you my dear! well done

  2. I had tears in my eyes through most of happy for you!

  3. So happy to hear you are doing so well! I know you're proud of yourself for accomplishing this, know that we are all very proud of you too! We'll have to celebrate this achievement! :D

  4. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you!!! I am the same way....testing was sooo hard for me. SO YAY LAURA!!! No one, and I mean, NO ONE deserves this success more than you do!!! <3

  5. Yay yay yay Laura!! You worked so hard and you deserve every bit of your success!! I am so happy for you and love you bunches! :-)