Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tofu Pad Thai

I had a craving for Thai food.  Then, I was inspired by this posting to make some tofu pad thai.  Yummm.  I basically used the same recipe, although when the hubs and I took our first few bites, the taste didn't "wow" us.  Everything about the recipe was wonderful, except the sauce wasn't much of a sauce, so it tasted a little bland.

Thankfully I had this fabulous TJ's sauce in the fridge:

It was a life recipe saver!  TJ's always knows how to get it done.  I highly suggest that you go buy some pronto.  The hubs is out of town tonight, so I had leftovers for dinner and mmmmmm the sauce totally makes the dish.  Now, my Thai craving is fullfilled! :)

Hope ya'll are having a great week so far.

P.S.- Did you see that little Clemson napkin next to our meal?  That's right...GOOOOO TIGERS.  I am SO very proud to be a Clemson Tiger right now.  Let's just hope and pray they keep up the good work...

P.P.S.- The new iphone came out today!  I am so getting one...can't WAIT to get rid of my droid!


  1. Oooo I'll have to try that sauce! Hubby and I are getting so bored with the usual chicken recipes we have so I'll have to pick some of that up! With TJ's it's always hard to know what is and isn't a good buy, so good to know that that's a winner!

  2. Looks yummy!! Just wanted to let you know, your pictures are getting so much better!! :) You're doing great!

  3. @ Shayla: You will love the sauce! Let me know what you use it for if you get it :)

    @ Lynn: I am trying w/these pictures! I am being better now that studying is over with at trying to learn more. The thing that is hard for me is that by the time I get around to taking pictures (of food) there is rarely any light outside...so I find it hard to take good pictures when there is very little natural light. Suggestions??! :)