Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A day in the life with 7.5 month old twins...

6:15 am: G starts stirring, I pop the paci in his mouth
6:30 am: G stirs again, I put the paci in his mouth and he falls back asleep (so do I)
7:15 am: both babies wake up
7:15 am: run downstairs to heat up G's bottle
7:20: bring G downstairs then go up and get A
7:20: get G's bottle
7:22: nurse A and feed G his bottle at the same time
7:30: snuggle with A while G is finishing up his bottle
7:45: change A's diaper
7:50: Burp G, change his diaper then time for snuggling with him while A plays on the floor
8:15 am: get my pumping supplies ready/set up
8:20: feed the dogs and let them outside to potty
8:30: make my coffee and breakfast while babies play on floor
8:35: pump and eat my breakfast
8:50: make babies breakfast, either oatmeal w/bananas or homemade applesauce w/oatmeal
8:52: A has a poopy diaper, change her
8:55: put babies in high chair and feed them while I drink my coffee that is now cold
9:15: clean them up and put them on floor to play
9:20: put on their clothes for the day
9:30: change diapers again if need be
9:40: more play time.  If I can I sneak upstairs to change out of my pi's and quickly brush my teeth and wash my face.
10:00: bring G up for a nap, put him down.
10:05: bring A up for her nap, put her down.
10:30: babies wake up.  yes, that was a 30 minute nap, that's what my babies do.  
10:35: let babies wake up and pray that they would maybe sleep longer.
10:40: go get babies.  change diapers, let them play.
11:00: give G a bottle and nurse A
11:30: change if need be, get a snack for myself.
11:35: haul the two babies and a diaper bag out to the car to head to the gym.
11:45: workout and time for myself…ahhh, glorious!
12:45: pick up babies from the childcare at the gym and head home.
12:55: give babies solids while making my lunch in pieces.  Typically they will eat a veggie at lunch.
1:15: let them hang out in highchairs while I finish my lunch and do a couple things around the house (if they will let me)
1:30: change diapers, bottle for G and nurse A
2:00: nap time.  Try to get them down for a nap.
2:15: I send a couple emails, fold some laundry, pay some bills...
2:45: both are up!  
2:50: let them play for a bit in hopes they will fall back asleep.
3:00: get babies and think about going to the store with the babies or just staying home.  I decide to stay home.
3:00-4:00: play time and story reading time.
4:00: bottle for G and nursing for A.
4:30: more playing to try and wear them out before bed time.  They are tired and are fussy.
5:00: I quickly whip up a dinner for the hubs and I.  Last night it was whole wheat pasta with chicken meatballs and a salad.  Tonight is soup in the crockpot…thank goodness for the crockpot!
5:30: solids for A and G.  Usually potato and beets or something of that sort.  Feed them while the hubs and I eat.  Already eating our dinners together as a family of four…it's crazy but I love it.
6:00: take the babies up to our bed to get them ready for bed time.  They love playing on our bed with just their diaper on.  We always have a fun time doing this before bed with them :)
6:15: make their bottles and get the bath water ready.
6:30: start G in his bath, the hubs gives him a bath, feeds him and puts him to bed.
6:40: I start A in her bath, give her her bottle and put her to bed.  Our routine is to give A a bottle at bed time, that way it's easier for us to go out to dinner or go away if we want b/c others can feed A at night with a bottle and plus this makes it so I can pump after we put them to bed and that gives G a full bottle of breast milk for the next day.  
7:15: Both are asleep.  Phew.  I'm exhausted.  Go downstairs, put some clean clothes away, put another load in the wash, straighten up the downstairs from our day.  
8:00: crash on the couch.  Pump, eat some dessert and catch up on blog reading and emails.
9:15: heading to bed…

*As I've said before we try to have one outing a day…otherwise I go nuts.  Outings are not easy with these two but they are worth it.  
*Obviously not every day is exactly like this but they are pretty similar.  We are working on dropping a feeding for the babies and going from 5-4 bottle/nursing feedings a day.  They do so well with their solids which I think is causing more G to not want his bottle as much.
*The hubs and my parents are HUGE helps!  I didn't mention them in this daily post, but the hubs is a massive help to me.  He is soooo good with these babies and loves them so much.  My Mom and Dad are also huge helps.  My Mom will stop by and watch them while I go to the gym or go run errands.  She will also bring over meals for us.  Both of my parents watch them overnight about once a month so the hubs and I can have a date night and a night "off" from parenting.  It really is wonderful and we couldn't thank them enough.  It really gives us time to recharge our batteries and get some house chores done that we can't normally do with the babies around.
*Two babies are TONS of work but we really are enjoying it.  I can't believe they will be 8 months old soon…time sure is flying.

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