Tuesday, February 4, 2014

8 months!

8 months…holy cow.  My babies are quickly growing out of "baby" status.  Me oh my!   So many people have told me that babies get to be more fun the older they get and that is so true!  Each day A & G do something new and it's so fun to watch them and see them learn.  

Sleep is going pretty well for both of them.  Abby is *usually* sleeping through the night from about 7 pm until 7:30 am.  George has been waking up for a bottle in the middle of the night, but then goes back to sleep.  He sleeps 7pm until around 3 am (or so) and then wakes up again around 7:30/8 am.  He hasn't been taking as much bottle during the day so I know he wakes up hungry in the middle of the night.  Hopefully this won't last too much longer.  

Naps are getting a bit better.  We are starting to have some days where they take longer naps.  We still have our 30 minute naps from time to time but not as often.  I think they are moving in the right direction.  We are FINALLY getting into a schedule/routine during the day and it feels good.  Now the trick is to get them to BOTH nap for a couple hours at the same time.  That would be glorious!  :)  One of the tricky parts of having twins!

As for eating…

They are taking 4 or 5 bottles/nursing a day.  We have been doing four a day but just depends on how the day is going.  If our schedule if off or they seem extra hungry I'll will feed them 5 times.  I am still nursing Abby and pumping for George.  They are eating three solid meals a day and continuing to thrive with their solids.  They LOVE their solids.  Esp. George…he could just eat and eat and eat the solids.  So far there is really nothing they don't like and they have tried pretty much all veggies and fruits.  I also started giving them chicken (pureed) at night for more protein before bed…they love this too.  

Abby is in 18 month clothes, in fact I just bought her some 24 month sized clothes and they fit her.  INSANE.  George is growing out of his 9 month size clothes and will be in 12 months very soon…some of his clothes are 12 months.

Abby is pretty much sitting up on her own.  I still keep an eye on her just in case she falls back wards but that's getting more rare these days.  George sits up on his own but he still needs pillows behind him b/c he will fall backwards.  He's almost there though!  Both are getting VERY close to crawling.  The hubs thinks G will be crawling by the end of this month and I have to agree with him.  G is starting to get up on his hands and knees in the crawling position.  It doesn't last long, but he's getting the idea.  He's already got the scooting down so it's just a matter of time.  A is close to crawling too.  She'll be right there along with G in no time.

Abby is just cut her first tooth, as in this past Saturday!  Happy 8 months to her!  I was wondering when these pesky teeth were going to come in.  Finally!  But I do have to say I shed some tears…my babies are growing up too fast.  George doesn't have any yet but I know it'll be soon as he is definitely teething.

We started our Kindermusic class today and it's so much fun.  A and G loved it!  So excited that we have this every Tuesday for the next three months.  

They are just now really starting to play with each other.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Just yesterday, Abby was cracking up at George.  He would look at her and she'd just laugh, it was the funniest thing ever.  So cool to watch them start playing together.  

A and G both got their first bad colds and fevers this past month.  It was not fun at all for them or the hubs and I!  Both didn't sleep well at night b/c they couldn't breath well on their backs and it was so pitiful.  A had the cold first, then the next weekend G did.  I hated seeing them with their first sickness.  Thankfully though it didn't get into their lungs or get any worse.  I have to thank my breast milk for that!  The doctor said this is a sign that they are very healthy babies to have fought these bad colds and to not get a cough or anything else along with it.

Here are some more pictures…


  1. oh goodness!!! your babies look so much older these days!! cant believe A is in 18 mos clothes!

  2. Each month when you update, I feel like it's just been a week since the last one! My how time is flying! I love seeing their development and their cute little personalities starting to shine! You are a great mama! Keep it up...and take a nap when you can! :)