Friday, January 10, 2014

7 months!

7 month post...a little late.  I've got to muster up the energy to write this.  Twins are so exhausting.  So worth it though, but man, this Momma is super tired after we put them down for bed!   


-Still pretty much the same as 6 months.  We still have our good and bad nights.  George pretty much sleeps perfectly every night (knock on wood!) but Miss Abby has her good and bad nights.  Naps are still another story.  Although I do think we are turning a corner on their morning naps.  Lately they have been napping in the morning for 1-2 the same's the most glorious thing ever.  I actually have time to change out of my pj's, throw some clothes on, maybe some make up if I'm lucky, fold some clothes, wash some bottles and respond to a couple emails before they are up again.  It's pretty stinkin awesome.  We are still working on their afternoon nap which is pretty non existent right now.  Poor babies are EXHAUSTED by the time bed time rolls around at 6:30 pm.  It will be nice when they take two solid naps, but for now, I'm happy with one as the days they don't nap well makes for an unhappy Momma!


-Abby is still nursing and George is still getting some of my pumped milk (and some formula) in bottles.  We tried giving them 4 bottle feedings/nursing a day (were doing 5) but we are back to 5.  They took to it well during the day but Abby stopped STTN from it. ugh.  So who knows.  We will try again when they are 8 months.  I'm pretty sure they are ready but I won't rush it for now.  A &G are still loving the solids!  There really isn't a food they don't like.  I have enjoyed making their food but have really been having to start making it in mass quantities b/c they are eating so much more these days.  I typically feed them three times a day.  They have oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast, typically a veggie and maybe a sweet potato for lunch and then dinner can be anything from beets with mashed potatoes to squash, avocados, etc.  They just tried puffs and were fans!  I had fun feeding this to them too.  They are slowly getting the idea of how to put them in their for them to practice.  


-Not sure as we don't have another ped. appt. until they are 9 months!  They are growing super fast though!  Abby is officially in 12 month clothes and George is in some 6 month but mostly 9 months!


-Man, they are changing  I truly see something different/new every day.  George just rolled from his back to his stomach!  Something we have been waiting for him to do.  Now he is Mr. rolley polly!  I put him down on the floor, turn my head for a second and he's half way across the room.  Oh boy.  And Miss Abby likes to move too.  I swear both are going to be crawling oh so soon.  They are both scooting and rolling.  They are both doing really well at sitting up.  Abby is pretty much sitting on her own!  I am near in case she topples over but she is doing so well.  George still needs a little help but he's not far behind!  Also both are starting to notice the dogs.  They'll grab them and smile at's cute.  And they are REALLY noticing each other.  It's really neat to see!!!!!  Built in play mates :)


-We try to get out of the house at least once a day...if this doesn't happen Momma and the babies go nuts.  We have been going to the gym a few times a week which has been wonderful.  We have childcare included in our membership and it has been a life saver.  A & G really enjoy it too which is an added bonus.  

Play group buddies at our Christmas party.  Abby is wearing my old Christmas dress!

-We are working on their "play room" which is our current living room.  We are baby proofing it, putting down a softer rug for them to crawl on, putting some baby gates up, etc.  It will be nice for them to have this room once we are finished with it.

That's all I have the energy for tonight.  Happy 7 months my sweet babies. I wish you wouldn't grow up so quickly.  I love you SO, so, so much.  

Here are some pictures a good friend of mine took when she was visiting recently...these are my favorites, she is an amazing photographer!


  1. So so adorable!! I love reading about how much they're growing and changing :D So much fun stuff to look forward to!! Wishing you luck on getting in the second nap, they sure make the days a lot easier when you have some "free time". ~xoxo P

  2. Such cute little darlings. Happy for you

  3. Your little ones are so stinkin' cute!! I know this an exhausting age (even though it's so much fun!) but hang in there! Life with twins really does start to feel a little easier to handle once they hit the year mark . . . at least a manageable sort of crazy/busy/tired! Love seeing them grow!