Monday, October 7, 2013

4 months

I sat down to write this post and a sweet girl named Abby wanted some cuddles.  So I put the computer down and there we sat on the couch as I watched the Today show and snuggled.  She fell asleep in my arms, I love when that happens.  Such a peaceful feeling that comes from holding a sleeping baby.  Time with these babies is so precious and time is going by oh so quickly.  I am trying to get in as many snuggles and cuddles with Abby and George as much as possible.

How are they already four months olds?  I can't believe it.  This is really my most favorite month so far.  The hubs and I had a date night on Saturday and we kept talking about how we can't believe we survived the newborn stages with two babies.  It was SO hard but now we feel things are really so much easier and so much more fun.  I do have to say (and I am biased) but we have two pretty awesome and good babies on our hands.  I think God figured he put us through enough with the pregnancy that he'd give us some good babies...and He did!  That's not to say they don't cry and have their fussy times because they def. do, but all in all they are really good.

George rolled over (front to back) for the first time at 16 weeks at the end of September.  I got it on camera and was soooo excited about it!  Now he loves rolling over.  It is so cute!  He also is a HUGE talker...or coo'er if that's a word.  He just talks and talks and talks and talks.  It is the most adorable thing EVER and we can't get enough of it.  George has really been smiling tons lately too.  He is the most chill and happy baby you have ever met.  As long as he has food in his belly, he's generally pretty happy and easy.  George also loves to stand while being held.  At the babies four month pediatrician appointment George weighed 11.8 pounds.  They got their four month shots and did great with them.  

Abby rolled over at 17 weeks, but I have yet to see it!  She rolled over for my Mom once when she was watching the babies but hasn't done it since.  She is a mover though and scoots all over the play mat when she's on the ground.  I have a feeling we are going to have two crawlers by Christmas.  eek!  Abby's smile will light up a room...she has the biggest smile ever, it is so adorable.  She also does this shoulder shrug when she smiles and it looks like she's a huge flirt.  We will be in trouble when she is a teenager.  Abby also coo's and "talks" but not quite as much as her brother.  She is a sweet girl but always has her bewitching hour in the evenings.  Dinner time is not fun around here as she is usually pretty fussy.  We tend to put her in the swing that time of night and that usually does the trick so we can eat our dinner before putting the babies to bed.  Abby weighed 14.5 pounds at their 4 month dr. appt.  She is a great eater...just like me when I was her age.  I could just eat up her cheeks and thighs.

George and Abby are definitely starting to notice each other.  They will look at each other and "talk" back and forth.  It is precious.  George gets worried when Abby is upset, it is so sweet.  Both baby's are also grabbing things and holding their rattles.  We were given two super soft Little Giraffe blankets and George really loves his blanket.  They love the feel of them and snuggling with them.

Both babies rarely spit up anymore and no more of throwing up...thank goodness that stage has passed. Abby is still on her reflux meds but we have stopped them with George.  I don't think Abby will be on them much longer.  Abby is still exclusively nursed, and I nurse George most of the time.  He still is a bit of a "lazy" eater so doesn't always do the best with nursing.  We give him a bottle a few times a day of breast milk to make sure he is getting enough.  Overall they are super easy to feed these days and feedings don't take nearly as long as they used to.  Phew!

Both babies are good sleepers.  I really think it's because of the routine we started when they were about a month old.  Our routine is around 7 pm to give them their baths, then swaddle in their sleep sacks, feed them, then bed.  They love this routine and usually go to sleep pretty easy.  They wake up once in the middle of the night anywhere between 2 and 3 am.  I feed them together, put them back in their cribs to sleep and then they wake up for the day usually sometime between 6:30-8 am, just depends what time their middle of the night feeding was.  We have a light dimmer in the nursery so for the middle of the night feedings we don't change their diapers (unless they are poopy which is rare), we don't talk to them much and keep the lights dim.  This way they eat while half asleep and fall back asleep easily once fed.  Hopefully in the next month or so they will drop their middle of the night feeding.  For now it is not too bad though and I feel like I'm getting good sleep these days.  We put them to sleep with their arms swaddled down, but lately they have been getting their arms out and wanting their arms out.  That is fine as long as they don't startle themselves and wake up from that.  They have been doing pretty well though with their arms out.  We transitioned them from their rock n'plays to the crib a couple weeks ago.  They did great with the transition although I was worried about.  They have had no problem with the crib.  They were sleeping in the same crib but getting too long for that so last night we put them in their separate cribs.  They did great.  They are growing up!

Mimi watches the babies about once a week so I can run errands and get things done.  It is very nice and Mimi loves the time with them.  This is a picture of Mimi taking them for a walk in the stroller that my Mom used for my twin brothers.  My parents have also watched the babies overnight twice for me and the hubs.  It has been hard for me (I always cry) but it is a nice break and nice to get some uninterrupted sleep (well besides getting up to pump).

Papa and Abby

I think those are the main updates for now.  We are so blessed to have these sweet babies in our lives!  What joy they bring to us!  My love grow more and more for them everyday.  

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  1. So great to hear that the transition to the crib went so smoothly!! We haven't tried not swaddling him at night but may need to do that soon.