Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Abby and George's Baptism

This past Sunday, on September 22nd, Abigail and George were baptized at Salisbury Presbyterian Church.  George wore a gown from my side of the family that is over 100 years old.  In fact, the very first person to wear this gown's name was George!  Abby wore a gown that is 90+ years old and from Daniel's side of the family.  Both were so beautiful and so precious!  It was so special for both these babies to be wearing such special and meaningful baptism gowns.  The babies did great while the water was poured over their head and didn't make a peep...phew!  All of our family was in town for this event which was fun.  We had everyone over to our house (20+ people!!!) for lunch after the service.  We had hamburgers, pasta salad, chips and dips, grapes, chicken nuggets for the children, a delicious cake, etc.  It was a hectic, but fun time!  Thankfully the weather was picture perfect on Sunday so everyone spent a lot of time outside in our back yard.  Such a great day for these two very special blessings.  I can't believe these babies are almost 4 months old!  I will be back soon for their 4 month post.  Happy Fall, y'all!

Abigail getting baptized

Beautiful flowers my mother in law made for our home!

Godparents :)

My favorite picture of the day!  George and Dad

 George getting baptized

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  1. A very special day for two beautiful babies and their wonderful parents. You and Dan were once again gracious and delightful hosts for a gala event! Love to all~