Monday, November 14, 2011

60th Surprise

Since the beginning of this year, my Mom has been planning my Dad's 60th Surprise party.  The party was this past Saturday and it was a hit and a major success.  Dad was COMPLETELY shocked.

As he is walking through the door...SURPRISE!!!!!


It really was an amazing night had for an amazing man.  My Mom did a fabulous job with the planning of the party as well as all of the cooking.  This woman is pretty darn amazing as well.  We still don't know how she cooked tons and did all if this and was still able to keep it a secret from my Dad.  
On the menu:


Mom welcomed everyone (with her one and only grandson, James in tow):

Then we all munched on delicious appetizers and then watched the made from my Mom's good friend who has a serious talent with slideshows.  My Mom gave her pictures back from when my Dad was born and the pictures went through his 59 years of life.  It was put to music and was so tear meaningful...and so awesome to see my Dad through the different phases of his life. 

After the slideshow, dinner was served.  We had BBQ (my Dad's favorite), baked beans, slaw, greens and rolls.  

My brother with my sweet and adorable nephew:

Once we were done eating, Dad opened up a few gifts and cards.  The shirt he is wearing was a gage gift from a good friend of his...a joke that I won't get into now.  

Now, time for birthday cake!  How beautiful is this cake?  It was just as delicious as it was beautiful.  In fact, the hubs and I had leftovers last night...we wished the cake would never end...SO GOOD!

After was time for singin' and dancin'!  One of my best friends has a karaoke machine, so she graciously let us borrow it for the night.  It was a hit!  

 Dad and my brothers:

 Me with the hubs and my brothers!

Like I said before, amazing night for an amazing man.  Hard worker, heart of gold, funny, huge supporter and lover of his family...he is everything one would want in a son, a husband, a father and a friend.  
I love you,, so, so much.  Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Laura,
    It is so easy to see thru all your pictures how truly surprised and loved you Dad was for his 60th! The thought and care and love your Mom put into making this a lovely evening for your Dad is an extension/expression of her love for him.
    I know you helped your Mom in many ways for this special night. You and your family are wonderful, as is your love for one another!


  2. What a lovely idea you Mom had. Thank you for sharing this!