Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bowl of Deliciousness

The hubs is out of town, so the girly meals are on. For dinner tonight I made a Kale and Sweet Potato Brown Rice bowl. Yum. Perfect dinner. I found the initial recipe here from Eating Bird Food. The only changes I made were that I used canned the peanut sauce I didn't add brown rice syrup b/c I didn't have any on hand, and I did not put my peanut sauce ingredients in a blender...just mixed it up with a spoon until it became creamy. This meal was great and very filling! I have extra peanut sauce too, which I am excited about and wondering what to add it to next as it is wonderful. I am not the biggest chickpea lover, but in this dish it works great and compliments the other flavors. Mixed in with everything else, you barely even taste them.

P.S.- Here's to Oprah's last show today! I have loved watching her over the years. If you want to see a funny Oprah clip, go to youtube and type in "Oprah and Paula Deen have fun baking." It is hilarious! (For some odd reason blogger wasn't letting me post the link here) I am about to watch today's show thanks for DVR. In Oprah's words, "To God be the Glory!"

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  1. If that doesn't look like a Special Treat I don't know what does! Will be making this soon...