Monday, March 21, 2011

Jack Daniel's Pork Tenderloin

Jack Daniel's???? Wha' you say?? Yes, that's right. Beautiful Spring weather calls for lots of grilling out! Ahh, I love it. We had two pork tenderloins that needed to be used, so decided to toss them on the grill. My best friend's Mom, Anita, sent me her "go-to" pork tenderloin marinade. I have had this before and loved it, so decided that's what we'd do. I let the pork marinade in the "sauce" overnight to let it soak up as many flavors as possible. Daniel put them on the grill and voila! Thank you, Anita...enjoy everyone. (You could put this marinade on just about anything)

1/2 cup Jack Daniel's
1 cup of pineapple juice (or one of the small cans that comes in a convenience pack of 6)
2 T. of brown sugar

*I served the tenderloin with fresh corn on the cob (yayyy glad this is back in season!), brown rice and a mixture of stir fried mushrooms and broccoli...perfection :)


  1. Sounds like a simple but delicious marinade to me!

  2. It is delicious! Thank you for the comment. I read your blog often and it has great recipes. Oh...congrats on the pregnancy. :) Best wishes!