Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holden Beach

Daniel and I took a MUCH NEEDED vacation for a few days down in Holden Beach in North Carolina. Daniel's family does a beach vacation here every year, and the whole family comes. They rent a large house so that everyone can stay together. It is wonderful! Each couple/family chooses a night they want to cook dinner before the vacay, and then when we get to the beach you can relax on the night you're not cooking and then have fun cooking for about 12 people when it's your night.

Before experiencing the Hoffman beach vacation, I was a little weary of how it would be...all of us staying under one roof for a few days. After going for the first time a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised though at how AWESOME it is. Everyone does their own thing and it is so fun and relaxing. Always lots of laughter...giggles...smiles and fun. We are not sure though how much longer we'll all be able to stay under one roof as the family keeps growing with babies!

Unfortunately Daniel and I have not been able to stay for the full week in a few years (or, I have never). This is because we don't have much vacation time with our jobs, and we have to plan out our vacation to make time to go to other social events/vacations such as weddings. We are thankful though to be able to get down there with the family for a few days, but it's always SO hard to leave everyone!

When Daniel and I had our night to cook, we made Steak and Cheese sandwiches (recipe already on blog), roasted veggies, baked beans and for dessert...yummmmmy brownie, peanut butter marshmallow treats. This dessert recipe is not on the blog yet, but I will get it up soon. :)

We were both thankful to have lots of relaxing time and to get away from the real world craziness of work and house remodeling. This was a much needed vacation for us both. I especially enjoyed hanging out with family and being the sun-worshipper that I am. Yay for finally a tan...I just wish it would stay...

We were at the beach for the 4th, and it was lots of fun. Lisa and Tim cooked a wonderful meal (Lisa...will you please send me your dessert recipe?!) and Tim and Daniel (the wild men of the family) bought MANY fireworks, so we had a show that evening. Although Elise and I had our hearts in our throats b/c we were so nervous that someone would get hurt...nevertheless all went well and it was fun.

After vacay, it was stressful coming back to our house that is in complete chaos. I know Daniel and I didn't sleep well when we got back as our list of what to do in the house kept rolling over and over in our minds...

We had a great time...can we go back soon?!

I am heading to my parents beach house at the end of July for a quick girls weekend with my Clemson friends. Then in late August Daniel and I will be taking a few days off to head to Cape Cod for a friends wedding and site-seeing. Thankfully, we have some fun things to look forward to! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer???

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  1. We missed you two the second you drove away! It was wonderful having you there...ALL the family! Checking out bigger houses...LOL! Send pictures of your work in progress on your new house!
    Happy Summer...Love to you both,