Monday, June 28, 2010

When "Thank You" doesn't seem like enough

This past weekend my mother and father in law (Susie and Steve), my sister in law (Elise) and brother in law (Scott) all came to Richmond to help us with our renovation project...otherwise known as our home. Daniel and I had a rather long list of "to-do's" for them! I went up to Arlington Saturday through Sunday for a friend's wedding shower, so after training a client Saturday morning I made my way up north and let the family get down to business. I knew they would work hard while I was gone, but man or man did they ever! When I got home Sunday I was in awe!!!

This is what they accomplished:
-Painted guest room #1 (beautiful!)
-Installed ceiling fan in guest room #1
-Installed new light fixture in upstairs hallway
-Removed nasty moldy vanity in upstairs bathroom
-Installed new light fixture in guest room #2
-Fixed up some sheet-rock issues in kitchen
-Installed new light fixture in foyer
-Installed new outdoor sconces (yay!)
-Finished ripping up vinyl floor in foyer, so it is prepared for tile
-Put paint coat #1 in dining room (love it!)
-Patched a couple spots on walls
-Halled away remains of old kitchen that was in our backyard and took to the dump

...Am I leaving out anything??

As you can see all five of them did A LOT of work in just over a day. Man, what a team! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you all for everything!!! You all were a huge help, and this hard work and help is really appreciated. You are were so sweet to spend a precious weekend driving to Richmond only to work, work, work. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! :)

I am very happy to say that our home is coming together. As of today, we have only owned the house for a month and we have gotten SO MUCH accomplished (maybe that explains the bags under my eyes??)! On Wednesday our tile will begin to be laid in our kitchen and next week our kitchen and foyer will be completely DONE and guess what??!!? I'll be able to COOK again...wahooo!!!!

Any suggestions what should be first on my menu in the brand spankin' new kitchen??!

I promise I'll post pics soon!

Oh, and we're heading to the beach on Saturday through Wednesday for a nice, fun, relaxing time with the Hoffman family...I.can't.wait!

Thank you, Daniel, Susie, Steve, Elise and Scott again for everything you did this weekend...I love you!


  1. Our pleasure...we had a wonderful time and if anyone is not noticing, Laura posted this at 5:01AM...this young lady accomplishes more in one day than I could do in a week. She makes it sound like she didn't do any of the above mentioned work. Upon Laura's return she immediately went out to bring us lunch, donned work clothes, pitched in with the painting and worked on finishing lining her kitchen cabinets and putting her kitchen back together. This after being a wonderful friend attending an out of town wedding shower and getting a visit in with her newest nephew. Heaven only knows what all she gets done by the end of this week. Daniel, you worked like a demon and your home is proof of what a wonderful team you and Laura are! One of the hardest things for us as family when some of you live out of town is not being able to help as often as we would like. So really you all were making us very happy in letting us help! Elise and Scott were such fun to have there, laughing and joking while working at lightning speed.
    And Scott and Erin you are on the next visit...get the list ready!
    Also, not to leave anyone out, Tim and Steve shared 'dog sitting' duty for our pups so we could head out to help Laura and Daniel! It's great to have a loving family!

  2. Wow! Does the Hoffman crew make house calls to non-family members? :) What a great weekend! So happy for you and Daniel. And when you are at the so deserve a few days off! Can't wait to see pix!