Friday, July 23, 2010


"Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

I'm not sure who wrote this quote, but I love it. It sure has been a year of change for me. Beginning in January, I accepted a job at the Retail Merchants Association in sales. I have enjoyed this job and the staff. The experience to get out in Richmond and meet very important people who make Richmond what it is has also been great. Although I have had a good experience, this week I resigned. Sales is tough and requires a special person to do it. Selling retail memeberships is not my passion, however; I am pleased to say that I have finally discovered my true passion in life. Well, I've known about it for gosh, the past 20 years? But, it has officially surfaced and has been like a bright, shiny light going off in my head. I mean, it's as clear as the bright sun...wham right in my face.

I began personal training about three months ago. And, I love it. I don't even think that love is a strong enough word to describe my passion towards it. Growing up in a family where exercise and nutrition play a huge part in our lifestyle and a Mom who is a registered nutritionist, I know-has had a lot to do with where my heart is leading me. Not only do I l.o.v.e. reading about exercise/nutrition, cooking healthy and exercising almost daily, but I also love helping others. Growing up I've always wanted a career that helps people. Whether it be helping a little old lady with her groceries...helping deliver meals on wheels to the less fortunate...helping "Tammy" become more tone...or helping "Jared" to get one stop closer to his fitness goals. Help---such a simple word that can mean so much. I love helping others and the sense of peace and happiness that comes from this.

Now...if I could just pass the darn personal trainer's exam! There are a few PT exams out there, but of course, I've picked one of the hardest and highest ranked...darn it! But, I am NOT giving up and I WILL pass it. The test is A LOT harder than I ever I am a AWFUL test taker (not a good combo). Now that I have resigned from RMA, I am going to have more time to focus on studying and passing this baby. Thankfully, Dustin (owner of Stride Club where I train) allows me to train there as he knows my background and that I'm working hard to pass this test.

August 6th will be my last day at the RMA. I am already getting more PT clients and couldn't be happier about it. Right now I have four, and will be able to get even more once I'm not working full-time. This will now be my full-time position beginning early August, woohoo.

Back to "change"'s been a year of changes with jobs and with buying our first home. We've had a lot of first time home experiences with the new house and all that comes with it...hello renovations. Phew! I have learned through growing up and moving a lot and then the experiences I've had of late that change is hard, but it can be so good and so worth all the tough times. If you're going through change or thinking about going through can do it, and you'll have me as your cheerleader if you need it. Thankfully, I have an EXTREMLEY supportive husband and family who have been my cheerleaders. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you! I wonder what will come next for the Hoffman's?? Hopefully nothing too crazy...well...unless we won the lottery or something??! ;)

Oh, and this is the longest post ever, but update on our house: It's going great! Our (or should I say Daniel's) big project that we are currently working on now is remodeling a bathroom. Man this is a lot of work and nasty work. Thankfully we can close the door and not see it when we don't want to! I promise I will post pictures soon. Our Mac has been and still is in the shop, so once we get it back I'll be able to get some pics up (using my work computer currently).

Have a lovely weekend!

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