Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Caution...Construction Zone ahead!

This week has been a little better in terms of my emotions. I know last week was just SO overwhelming! This week has been better so far. This past weekend the hubs was at the beach for a guys weekend, so while he was enjoying relaxing in the sun, I did a few home projects to surprise him when he got home. I am happy to say that I totally finished our master bedroom...and it looks amazing...the most beautiful bedroom I've ever had! Before we moved in the master bedroom was painted an ugly pink, with an even uglier flower wallpaper border. We took the wallpaper down, painted the ceiling, prepped the walls, and then painted the walls a dark tan color. Then we moved into the house, and although the paint/walls looked much better, the room still needed work. I thought while Daniel was gone I'd work on making the room a special retreat for us to go to get away from the stresses and construction parts of the rest of the house. While he was gone, I painted the trim and baseboards (the previous owners were sloppy on their painting and pink paint was all over the trim, yuck), I hung curtains (or my Dad did), put up our new gorgeous ceiling fan, and decorated the room by adding a ginormous body length mirror and other various artwork around the room. Daniel was pleasantly surprised when he came home! We both LOVE our new room. The only thing left to do in the room is for Daniel to put new outlet switches in...after that is done, I will post before and after pics!

Currently our kitchen is a construction zone...it's a total huge mess. On Monday our cabinets are being installed. Our new kitchen should be done on Friday the 25th...boy I can hardly stand it. :) Things are coming along and we are making great progress. Once our kitchen is done, we can focus on working on the rest of the house and our lives can get more back in order. Phew, who ever thought it'd be this much work?! Whoops! (haha)

On a very happy note...the hubs and I are coming up on our 1st year anniversary. We are so very excited and really don't know where the year has gone! Since our anniversary is on Father's Day, we are going to celebrate on Saturday. We are going to do the exact same things and go to the same places we did on our first date. I am actually VERY excited about this...it will be a fun and special time. We also get to eat our wedding cake that has been in my parents freezer. I LOVED our wedding cake, so I am looking forward to this as well. I'll let you know how it tastes after being frozen for a year!

That's the update for now. I'll post pictures soon!


  1. Can't wait to come and view the progress and throw in a tad of assistance! Looking forward to seeing your new abode and most importantly seeing you and Daniel!
    You are an amazement with all you do!

  2. We can't wait for you to come, too! I am warning you though...it is a TOTAL disaster! It is good that you're coming though, b/c we WILL have one guest room ready for your stay :) This is good motivation to get one DONE! :) Can't wait to see you, love you guys!

  3. Hey we are coming to work...we need projects! Don't go doing any preparation for company...we are worker bees! We'll save the 'guest' designation for another visist!