Friday, November 20, 2009

"Special Treats"

You may have been wondering..."What is this special treat stuff??" Back many years ago, when I was a little girl, I remember my Mom using this phrase. If my memory serves me correct, these words were first used when we'd get some candy, icecream, cake, etc. Growing up in a family whose Mom is a registered dietician, you get "special treats." Most people say to me, "Oh, yikes, you grew up with a Mom who's a dietician? You must have never had candy, chips or any bad food!!!" Well, those people were wrong. My Mom raised her three children how I wished more people raised their children these days. We had plenty of sweets around the house in little hidden stashes...Mom was/is an amazing baker, so we always had lots of homemade cookies and coffee cakes around. What she taught us was how to eat in moderation. We weren't allowed to eat two pieces of cake, but one...of course! I probably shouldn't use the word "not allowed"...if we really wanted to, we could have more than one slice of cake, but for some reason, I think we just knew. Don't get me wrong though, we had many veggies, fruits and always a healthy homemade meal. I am so thankful that I was raised this way!

As I grew older, "special treats" turned into other things besides food. When Mom and I would get a pedicure together, or go shopping, or go on vacation with the family...we would call it a "special treat." These "special treats" are things that don't happen every day...but when a special treat happens, you know you've deserved it (well...for the most part)! Sometimes these words are good to use when you're trying to talk your Dad into something..."Pllllease Dad, it's just a little special treat!!" Then, he usually gives in. ;)

Have you had a special treat recently?

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Yes I had a delightful treat last week with a visit from my wonderful daughter in law and son and am looking forward to another 'treat' at Thanksgiving! Loves, Loves, Loves, Susie