Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beginning of an adventure!

It's the beginning of an adventure for me! I have decided to begin blogging...everyone does it, so why don't I? This is not the first adventure of my life...2009 has been quite the year!!!!!

Fresh into the new year, I was laid-off from my outside sales rep. position. It was tough, but meant to be. Because of this, I have grown in faith and the knowing that God will do what's right for me.

On June, 20th, I got married to my best friend, my confidant and the companion I had always dreamed of (Daniel). After being laid off, I had a lot of time to enjoy wedding planning and wedding parties. After our wedding (the best weekend of our lives!), we went off on our honeymoon to Jamaica. This was wonderful as well....very relaxing and just what we needed. After the honeymoon, we came back to our cozy one-bedroom apartment in Richmond, VA (Daniel moved here about a month before the wedding). Life is good for the newlyweds!

Since the wedding, I have been searching hard for a job. I enjoy being busy, and now that wedding planning is over, there is only so much house-work, cooking and working out I can do! The job search has been tough...really tough. Sometimes I don't feel others truly understand, unless they've been through it themselves. This economy is awful, and I pray everyday that next year will be better. I was finally driving myself (and my husband) NUTS from not working, so decided to get just any job. Now folks, I tried to get a full-time job at retail stores, but nope---they are only hiring part-time. What? I have a college degree, work experience and I can only get part-time??? This is only a small fraction of the frustrations of this economy. Nevertheless in October, I landed a part-time job at ACAC...a fabulous gym in Richmond. For now, I am working with the children, which I love. I may try to work up to a higher level at ACAC, but I also continue to job search to see what else (if anything) is out there.

Throughout all of the adventure's of this year...I am SO very thankful for my loving family, my very supportive husband, and my amazing friends. Daniel and I also have a pug, Zeus, whom you will hear a lot about in later posts. He is our fur-baby...the love of our lives. Everyday I am reminded how LUCKY and blessed I am. I try to see the good in the bad things, and believe that God has a purpose for everything He does.

I hope you like reading my blog posts! Hopefully I will keep them shorter in the future. I told my husband...this is what happens when I'm not working full-time (haha). My blog posts will be composed of my life adventures, work updates, cooking/baking recipes and other fun things.
Enjoy the adventure and the special treats of life!

(I will post soon about what the title of my blog means, stay tuned!)


  1. Yay! I am so glad you are blogging :).

  2. Love it! :)
    p.s. Laura...for some weird reason I can't change this I am "momo"...aaggh! (Anita)

  3. I love this!!!! Keep blogging :-) You are adorable!!

    Hey Laura, I would love to be a follower of Special Treats of Laura's life.
    I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things that God is going to show you in your life as Mrs. Hoffman. Enjoy this season, maybe this will inspire me to write more. Love you, Aunt Kim

  5. Hello lovely sister-in-law of mine, YAY for being a blogger... its so fun if you have questions about any of it let me know! I want to be a follower and I will add you to my favorites list on my blog if thats okay with you! Cheers, Elise