Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 months!

Here comes a scatter brained post...

Abby and George will be two months old on this Sunday, August 4th!  I can't believe it!  Where has the time gone already??  Wait, I know!  Life is crazy, crazy busy here.  Not going to lie and make this a fairy tale sounding post.  Twins are hard, very hard and extra extra hard at night.  But we love them SOOO darn much and even though it is the hardest thing we have ever done, it is so very much worth it.

The babies still eat about every three hours...maybe every 3.5-4 hours on a good day/night.  I am exclusively nursing Abby and am LOVING nursing.  It really is the best thing ever!!!  Now I understand what a special bond it is.  George is nursing about 50% of the day and getting so much better with it.  Yay George!  I tried tandem nursing a few days ago and it worked!  Best.thing.EVER!  Surely makes me feel like Bessy the cow, but it makes life sooo much easier!!!!  It takes less time, I don't have to pump, no cleaning bottles or pump parts, and it's such great bonding time for all three of us.  Pretty cool as I never thought I'd get to this, but I'm so glad it's working.  Once the babies get bigger we will be tandem nursing a lot more.  The tricky part with tandem nursing is burping.  One baby is always finished before the other so I have to unlatch the other baby who is still nursing and then burp the other.  What makes it so tricky for us is that A and G are both big spit up babies, and both throw up their feedings 1-2 times a day.  This is not fun and what makes tandem nursing tricky right now.  Never fun to feed your babies and then watch them throw up EVERYTHING threw their nose and all.  So sad. :(  But we are still working on the tandem and once these babies get a bit bigger we will all be pro's.  Thank goodness my milk supply is great, b/c these babies are taking it all!  I have to make sure I get enough sleep (HAHA), eat enough calories and drink enough fluids to keep this supply.  So far the eating and drinking haven't been too much of a problem b/c I'm ALWAYS hungry and thirsty!  Now the sleep is another story.  When I feed the babies by myself it takes anywhere from 1.5-2 hours depending on if anyone throws up, if I have to pump, etc.  Then I have about one hour (maybe) where I clean bottles, do some laundry, take a QUICK shower, before I have to do it all again.  Thankfully I've had lots of help w/the hubs, my parents, the hubs parents, etc. and when I have help it makes the feeding process only take about an hour (again longer if someone throws up b/c we have to start all over again).  G is eating about 4 oz. now and A is probably eating about 5 oz.  We had a pediatrician appt. yesterday and G is 8 pounds, 10 ounces and A is 10 pounds, 1 oz.!  The Dr. was very pleased with their weight gain.

Abby was having some tummy issues, so the past couple days I've cut out dairy to see if that helps with her tummy.  Honestly, it does seem to be helping.  I'm not being super strict with my diary, but cutting out the majority of it.  I still want her to get some dairy from me since she is solely nursing, but cutting back on dairy does seem to be helping.  George doesn't seem to have the tummy issues that Abby has so that is good.  Just wish they both wouldn't throw up...would make feedings much easier!  But I know this is just a thing babies do especially wish such immature digestive systems.  Poor little babies!

Here are some of my favorites from our professional photo shoot of the babies.  These were taken when they were about a month old.  I better run as the babies are getting hungry.  I'll try to be better about posting more pictures!


  1. They are soooooo sweet, both of them!

  2. You sound so happy Laura, love this since I know your journey to have these precious babies was not easy! I love the pictures of A & G, they are too cute and those little toes are adorable <3 Glad to hear things are going well with BFing, you're a wonderful momma!! ~xoxo P

  3. This is all soooo amazing! Blogging and caring for twins! You are my hero!! Thinking of you and knowing that each stage has it's heart-melting moments and hard moments! xxoo!!!