Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Recap!

I love writing these yearly posts to recap our year.  I almost didn't do it this year, but then decided I must.  They are fun to look back on and I knew I'd regret it if I didn't.  2015 was a busy year, but truly one of the best to date.  


January was a relatively calm month.  I honestly don't remember much from this month, but Daniel and I did take a trip to New York City the end of January to celebrate a co-worker of mine getting her Lexus with Rodan + Fields.  We had a great time celebrating, and we also enjoyed touring NYC (in the FREEZING cold) for a couple days.  We really ate our way through NYC.  We went to one of the best restaurants I've EVER been to and will ever go to as long as I'm alive.  We were very pampered and the food was exquisite.  My parents watched the babies so we could have this time away...we enjoyed it!


A month of horrible sickness for our babies.  It was a month I truly thought would never end.  I think Abby and George were sick the whole month.  It started with some horrific colds for them....George's eye was swollen shut from an infection and Abby ended up in the ER after what we thought was an allergic reaction scare.  After dinner one night she started choking, Daniel had to give her the hymlic and that did help, although she was still choking.  I called 911 and even though it felt like ages, the ambulance did get to our house and whisked her and Daniel away.  It was terrifying.  They did allergy tests on her and found nothing.  We though it was from the shrimp dip we had that night that she was eating, but now we really think it was from the mucus and sickness that she had.  We think she choked on her mucus and it got caught in her throat.  SO glad she's ok, but phew, very scary moment as parents.  The end of February we celebrated my birthday and I got a pedicure.


Another sick month.  George caught a nasty respiratory virus and it got so bad that he was admitted to the hospital.  His oxygen levels were scary low and his little body needed some extra help to fight this virus.  We were in the hospital with him for about four (long) days.  Also in March, our new house was beginning to be built!  We put a contract on a house in November of 2014 and it was starting to be built.  Daniel and I ran the Monument Ave. 10K and both had a great run!


So thankful that the weather is (slightly) starting to get warmer.  Also thankful for healthy kids!  I honestly don't remember much that happened this month...I don't think we went anywhere or did much!


Gosh, my memory is failing me now that I'm going back to write this now!  I drove up to PA to visit a great friends of mine in their new home.  I really enjoyed touring their adorable town and spending time with them.  We also did the CF walk there which was great!  We put our house on the market this month!  Talk about STRESS.  But the house sold in 10 days so we were thrilled!


Abby and George's 2nd Birthday!  We went to Holden Beach for a week with Daniel's family and celebrated there.  We had a small, laid back birthday party for them with pizza to eat and of course birthday cake for dessert.  It was fun and a nice to be at the beach!  We closed on our (old) house this month.  Felt good to have that part of the equation done.  We rented back from the owners until our house was ready to be moved into.  We also spent a lot of time on Papa's new boat this summer.  We love Mimi and Papa's boat, it's so much fun!


Drove up with the kids to Buffalo, NY to celebrate the 4th with my Dad's side of the family.  This has become a tradition for us!  It's fun to be up there in the perfect weather and with family.  They have boats and pools up there so we always get lots of water time which is nice.  When we came home from this trip, we started packing up our house.


MOVING MONTH!  We moved mid-August.  Phew, what a rollercoaster.  I wasn't sad to leave our old house but always leaving the memories is a bit hard.  The biggest memories of that house is bringing our babies home to it!  It really was a great first house and we really did transform it and put so much love into it.  The move went pretty seamless for as far as moves can go.  Late August we went to Pawley's Island with Mimi and Papa.  It was a nice treat to go there for a week and relax after our move.


We got some pool time in our new neighborhood pool.  The pool is very close to our house, so it's nice to be able to walk to it.  Spent some more time going through boxes, but really got through the boxes quickly.  We really enjoy having so much more space in our new house....loving it!  At the end of this month I flew off to Austin, TX for Rodan + Fields was so much fun.


This was a fun month!  Daniel and I were given a trip to San Francisco and Sanoma courtesy of Rodan + Fields.  It was the nicest trip we've ever been on!  We were spoiled with amazing meals, snacks, wine (lots of wine!) and more.  I've never been on  a company trip before but all I can say is wow....this company truly knows how to do it.  They had everything planned to a was perfect.  We had a blast and it was so nice to get away for a few days.  Mimi and Papa watched the twins and had just as much fun with them!  Elise and Sush came to visit us in our new house!  Elise brought her new baby, Loralei...Abby (and George) is soooo in love with her.  For Halloween, George was a cowboy and Abby a cowgirl...they were the cutest cowboy and cowgirl around!  We had fun trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood.  They got the hang of trick or treating VERY quickly.  I had to moderate them on eating the candy...they thought you could eat the pieces you got right away, after getting them from the house.  I told them that they need to put them in their pumpkin baskets and save them for later.  That's a hard concept to tell 2 year olds.


The holiday craziness starts!  I try to get a head start on my Christmas shopping.  Thank God for Amazon and online shopping!  Shopping these days is extremely difficult with the twins so I'm thankful we are able to do it online.  We went to Raleigh for Thanksgiving.  It was nice and fun for the twins to be with all their cousins.  Scott and Erin so graciously hosted Thanksgiving and lots of food and fun was to be had.


We had a fun, festive month.  Abby and George talked non-stop about Santa.  So much that I thought maybe, just maybe, they'd truly enjoy sitting on his lap (HA).  We went to my parents Country Club for their annual Christmas brunch with Santa....A & G didn't cry, but they wouldn't let go of us and had fear in their "you better not put me on that man's lap!" lol.  But still, improvement from last year!  Christmas Eve, we had an early dinner at my parents house and then went to Christmas Eve service at their church.  Christmas morning, Abby woke up at 4 am and would not leave my side.  She never does this, so we are 99% sure it's because she was afraid that Santa was still in the house.  We ended up bringing her back to bed with us (which we never do) and she thankfully fell back asleep in the bed with us (after much tossing and turning).  Once the kids awoke, we came downstairs and opened stockings and gifts.  They were SO excited!  Then we had my parents and Uncle Stephen over for brunch.  We cooked an overnight egg casserole, bacon, fruit and Daniel made delicious biscuit/cream cheese/chocolate monkey was a delicious meal!  Then the kids played with their new toys (including a kitchen from Mimi and Papa!), napped and then we went over to Mimi and Papa's house for more Christmas festivities and present opening.  My brother and his wife and kids were there too, so that was fun to see them.  

All in all, it was a great year!  Oh and business was very good for both Daniel and I.  2016, bring it on...let's make this one even better than 2015!

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  1. I had to comment here to bring back the good ole days ;) Can't believe we first "met" here in blogland! And I loved reading your recap...what a wonderful year you had - aside from those sicknesses - how scary! Your family is so beautiful and I know 2016 will be an amazing year for you! xoxo