Friday, May 9, 2014

11 months!!!!!!!

11 months.  No possible way.  I am working hard at planning their first birthday…it is going to be so much fun.  I am loving 11 months so far.  

Abby has four teeth now.  And George!  His teeth have decided to come in at once!  But thankfully it hasn't affected him much.  He got his first tooth on Easter, and then his second bottom one the same week.  He's just about to cut his top two teeth.  Both are eating their solids great.  George has recently gotten a bit pickier about what he eats, but I'm still pretty happy with what and how they eat.  We just went down to two nursing/bottle feeds a day!  Man, it feels so good for me.  So much more freedom.  I was worried about how the babies would do with it, but it didn't phase them one bit.  Instead of the middle of the day bottle/nursing, I'll give them water and a snack if they want one.  We've been doing an earlier lunch instead and that really helps (around 11:30/12 instead of 12:30/1 lunch).  

Sleep is going great!  And the even better part is that these babies are starting to take awesome naps!  This makes me a HAPPY momma!!!  They typically have a long morning nap (sometimes 2 hours!) and then a 45 minute to an hour nap in the afternoon.  I think all their crawling around and never sitting still anymore tires them out.  People ask what I do when they nap.  HA.  I never sit down.  There are always chores around the house and things to get done.  I typically prep our dinner in the morning so that come dinner time it's easy for me to throw in the oven or do whatever I need to do to have a yummy, healthy dinner on the table at night.  I also try to clean, do laundry, and a million of other things while the babies are asleep.  When they are awake they want Mom to be near so it's hard for me to get things done when they are awake.  Much less I have to keep my eyes on them all of the time b/c they get into everything!

They are fast little crawlers.  Abby still wants to walk…seriously girl is going to be walking soon.  She is "couch surfing" as we call it and pulling up on everything.  George has no interest in walking yet, but that's totally fine!  No rush, son! :)

Both continue to love their bath time…esp. George.  We joke that he's going to be a future Michael Phelps.  Boy LOVES the water.  He loves to lay in the tub on his belly and put his face in the water.  I have taken him swimming a few times already and he loves it.  He is such a water bug.  Abby is too….it's so much fun.  

We have enjoyed our walks, going to the park to swing and even going to the children's museum on rainy days.  

We had a fun first Easter with the babies.  We went to Raleigh when all of the hub's family lives and had a nice time.  

We have a busy end of this month before their first birthday.  My sister in law is getting married (!!!!) so we are looking forward to all the festivities that her wedding will bring.  After her wedding we are headed to the beach in SC for a week with my family.  When we get back from the beach it'll be their first birthday.  We are really looking forward to the fun ahead.  

The other night after the babies were in bed I plopped myself on the couch and told the hubs that I was so exhausted and that I couldn't move anymore.  Then I reminded myself that this time last year I was on bed rest and could not WAIT to be able to move and get on my feet.  Oh how things have changed!  :)  Wouldn't change it for the world.  Love our sweet babies!!!


  1. What happy children, they grow up so fast!

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