Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oahu, Hawaii

Paradise.  Let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to go to Hawaii...GO!!!!!  It is such an amazing, beautiful, friendly place.  The waters are sparkling sky blue and the beaches are tan with sand.  The mountains are gorgeous overflowing with waterfalls.  For the most part Hawaii is safe and people are very friendly.  The locals love to show you their island.

After a long, but not too bad flight of 9 hours (I watched 3 new movies that I hadn't seen yet!), we arrived in Honolulu.  We had a VERY smooth flying experience the whole trip.  This never happens to us, so we were very pleased.  Once we arrived in Honolulu we picked up our car that we had rented.  We planned to rent the cheapest, economy car, but then were sold into their "holiday special" of renting a Mustang convertible for only $5 extra a day...umm...SOLD!  haha.  We LOVED having the convertible!  Hawaii has PERFECT weather for this, so we were so glad that we spent the $5 extra a day.

It was around 4:00 pm Hawaii time when we arrived, so we jumped in the car and headed to our resort.  We were tired after having been up MANY hours, but so excited to finally be there.  Turtle Bay Resort was an hour away, so we went on our way.  After arriving at the resort we went straight to our room to see the beautiful views (!!!)...can you imagine waking up to this for 6 days???  Bliss!

We immediately found some dinner, and then we went straight to bed with full tummies...we felt like zombies.  I won't bore you with a day to day recap on what we did, but I'll share with you a few pictures.  We took about 500 pictures, so it's hard to pick which ones to use as there are SO many beautiful ones!

Beautiful pools where we spent lots of time at!

Hawaii has gorgeous and lush flowers everywhere!

Ahh...the FRUIT...A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!  Shown is some mango and pineapple...these two fruits are to die for in Hawaii!!!!  Taste like candy.

There was a famous surfing competition going on (Billabong Pipemasters) while we were there.  We got to watch 2 days of the competition.  It was incredible to see pro surfers surfing the 30 foot waves.  I have never seen 30 foot waves in my life...insane!  Or as the surfers kept saying "gnarly!"

Cool pic I got of a famous surfer...forgot his name...

Us watching the competition on the first day in Hawaii

Hawaiian fire dances...amazing!
We got to experience a traditional Hawaiian Luau!  So fun!!
Traditional Hawaiian food at the yummy!  Purple sweet potato rolls (yum!), tilapia, BBQ pork, purple potato salad, spinach, salad with papaya dressing (!!!) and for dessert pineapple turnovers and coconut pound cake (picture not shown)!
Beach at the, so, so pretty
If you ever go to Oahu, you MUST go to Ted's Bakery!  We ate breakfast and lunch here....most amazing food (and desserts) ever!!!!
love :)
Hawaii's famous Garlic Shrimp.  A must try...unless you don't like garlic.
Daniel surfing!!!!!  He did great!

The hubs and I had the time of our lives.  It was SUCH a relaxing vacation with no worries around us.  We were totally "loving life."  Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! Makes me feel like I was a teeny tiny tiny tiny bit there in paradise too! :)

  2. Thanks, Lynn!!!! And thank you SO much for all of your camera help!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow what a fantastic, wonderful vacation you two had!! I know it's just what you needed and I'm so happy for you that you both got this time to relax and really enjoy life. You look absolutely gorgeous and thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos - the food looks especially amazing - yum! :)